Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday....To China or Not to China?!

We struggled with this very question and we decided NOT to china. After going out and looking at various prints and not finding anything that we BOTH loved, we began thinking about if it was even something we wanted to register for after all. Let's face it. We are 29, very much "on the go" and don't host big formal dinners for our family and/or friends where fine china would be needed.  We are both SO blessed in that both of our grandparents live in Lexington and our Memaw's still do the hosting when it comes to holiday and family dinners where the fine china is used.  It's been tradition for years and it will continue to be tradition, so we thought that our china would just sit in our cabinet for years and never get used.
Furthermore, our grandparents and parents have china, some of which we will inherit over the years. We figure by the time we will be the ones hosting the family soirees (many years from now) that we will have their china to use. I'm a very sentimental person and the thought of getting to use my great grandmother's china when hosting a big formal dinner is wonderful. How cool will it be to tell our children that they're eating off of plates that date back to the 30's-40's?! I LOVE the idea of china, and because it is such an old tradition, I feel that using our own family's china just fits right in with the tradition. Don't you?!
Now, just because we aren't registering for fine china right now, doesn't mean that we will be eating on paper plates or my current cheap Target pottery. We have decided that we are going to register for Pottery Barn's Great White Dinnerware
Great White Monogrammable Dinner Plate, Set of 4
We chose this for a few reasons:
1. We love PB quality
2. We LOVE that we can get the plates with our last initial on them
3. We love that they're white which allow for us to dress them up and down. I feel like we can use these when we are hosting a dinner party or to eat spaghetti off of on a random Tuesday night.

My mom starting off our collection by getting us our large oval platter for a Christmas gift and we love it! I'm waiting to use it, along with any other of our gifts until after we are married. I just think it spoils the fun using them now!  I have been thinking about changing some of our smaller plates and some of the searvingware to the Emma pieces. They are white, but have small  raised dots around the rim in place of the monogram. I think it would be fun to mix and match and create some texture to our table setting. Here's a picture of them and please give me your opinion, add them in to mix it up, or not?! We haven't had any showers yet, so we still have a few weeks to get things changed up before our shower invites begin going out and people start shopping!
I just think the dots are so cute :)

Now, if I were registering for china, here are three of my faves!
Kate spade's boulevard  

Kate Spade's June Lane

Waterford Ballet Ribbon Dinnerware
Waterford Ballet Ribbon

The Bride to Be


  1. ditto on the reasoning for china! my parents have a set and my grandmother has 3 sets (1 from wedding, 1 from my grandfather's travels over-seas, and 1 she inherited from her mother).

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