Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wedding Wednesday....The Hair

First off, I'm super excited to announce that My blog is being featured on the Southern Weddings Magazine page via their Southern Brides Blog Page! So Fun :) If you're another bride to be, go visit their site Southern Weddings Magazine, its great, and if you're visiting from there, welcome!!!

Now, onto the hair

Choosing your wedding hair is a BIG decision. You're going to be looking at picture of yourself for years to come, so you definitely want your hair looking good and not done in some way that you're going to look back on in 25 years and say "What on earth was I thinking?!" Ok, so maybe in 25 years the style will be to have lime green spikes in your hair, but still, you get the point. My mom, in true 70's fashion, wore her hair down, but it was lightly curled and looks beautiful in her pictures.

At first, I toyed with the idea of wearing my down, but let's discuss my crazy fro' for a moment and you'll see why I decided against it. Ohhh the fro' that I have on my head. I have super-duper THICK hair that has, over the past few years become crazy curly/frizzy by nature. I'm talking, you have the "Holy Hair" reaction when you see what my hair looks like after I attempt to dry it straight. I don't have a picture, but any of you who've seen it know exactly what I'm talking about! Ha! Hot Mess!!! Once it's straight, you would never guess that it had natural curl in it, but its quite the process to get it looking this way.
Thank the Lord for the Chi!!
And here it is with its natural curl.

The curls...on a good day :)

It's hit or miss with the curls looking good or crazy. I wore curls to school last week and my roomie (who is a male) said "So Cooper, are you rocking your Girls Gone Wild hair today or what?!" It obviously was looking a tad crazy! Really, I think the curls only look good when I'm at the beach. Salt water + curly hair = LOVE!!

So, that left me with a decision. Wear it down and curly, or just wear it up. I'm going with leaving it up. Although it does look good when I have straightened it then curling iron curled it, I'm just scared the humidity will make it go haywire. Case in point: Mexico professional pictures. It WAS flat-ironed and curled with the curling iron curled and looking great when we left our hotel. Then the wind came, and then the rain, and this was what was left, a stringy, frizzy mess.

Up was just the only way to go....Since I made that decision, I've been searching through tons of hair options. I've looked at pinned up curls, high buns, low buns, deep parts, no parts, etc. Here are some pictures that I've found that I LOVED:
Beth wore her hair in a low bun with a silk flower set on one side.  This classic bridal ‘do looks chic with every neckline. Plus, you can wear any type of veil with this more structured style. 

How to Get the Look:
Step 1: Part your hair according to what looks best for your face shape and smooth with a brush i... Rachel’s stylist pinned up the front of her hair, like Rachel often does, and then pinned the back into curls.
Woven Bun
This sleek bun works for both medium and long hair.Hair and makeup by Gloss & GlamKatie wore her hair in a classic updo, which complemented the timeless look of her gown.   I really LOVE the last two! I love the sophisticated look to them, so I think (however my mind my totally change! ha!) I'm going to go with something similar to the two. My Aqua Net (which btw, I LOVE) will definitely be in full force on June 2nd and lets pray for no rain and no frizz :) If rain is in the forecast, I may be changing my idea and do something to embrace the curls and doing something similar to the first picture! I do have a fun flower, that I will be adding for sure for the reception and may possibly be adding for the ceremony, too Thankfully, my hair girl rocks at bridal hair so I know whatever the weather happens to be, she will make it look great :)

The Bride to Be :)

P.S. MY DRESS IS IN!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEE! I am SO pumped!! I'm going Friday to get it :)

P.P.S. If you haven't joined in on my fundraiser to help the tornado victims, all of the info can be found   HERE  Just today, one of my students who moved from the tornado ravaged area a few months ago, was telling me about her friends' homes. Absolutely devastating.


  1. I had mine up on my wedding. Best decision I ever made considering it was July! It was sweet, easy and elegant and after I removed my veil I pinned a flower to the side. Go with up! You'll look amazing! x