Saturday, April 28, 2012

How Great Is Our God?!

When I passed along my little blog award, one of the ladies I passed it along to was my friend from growing up (litearlly, we grew up together from 1st grade on at church). I told y'all she had been batteling some illness. Well, friends, the Lord worked an amazing miracle in her life and while she still has a long road ahead, her brain tumors are gone. Completely. Amazing!

I read her post about it the other day during my plan period at work and tears just started flowing! If you've ever doubted God, or even if you don't believe in him, her story will speak volumes to his amazement!
Go read her POST, follow her journey, and be prepared to be amazed at God's awesome healing powers!!
She is truly an inspiration to everyone and I just couldnt help but want to share her story with you!!

Happy Saturday, Friends


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday....Wedding Party Attire :)

First off, thanks for all of the sweet messages and prayers about my little nose. My surgery is Monday morning and while I'm not scared about the actual procedure (it only takes about 10 minutes per layer of removal and we are hoping they only need to go in and remove one), it's what my nose is going to look like afterwards that I'm concerned about. I keep picturing the Bride of Frankenstein in my head and I freak. I just keep reminding myself that the doctor performing the surgery is the one who said to just do it now and that I will be totally fine- and he's the one with the the scalpel, so he's the one I have to trust. Please keep praying for me though as I have this constant sick feeling in my stomach over the whole ordeal.

Now, on to the wedding party attire :) From the start, my goal in picking my MOH's dresses was to pick something they would wear again. I refused to be a bride who made my girls buy a $250 dress that they'd only wear once. I immediately went to JCrew's and Ann Taylor's website (I LOVE their bridal selections) to see what I could find. I found a few dresses on each site that I liked and that I knew my girls would wear again. When I met up with two of my MOH's in St. Pete for our race, we looked over all of the options. We didn't make a decision that day, but we narrowed the choices down to 2 different dresses we liked, one at each place. Since I wasn't in a hurry to order anything in November, we decided to just wait and see if anything went on sale- and boy did they, big time. On Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) all of Ann Taylor's dresses went 50% off. Score! I called my girls, go their okay for the dress and ordered them right away. Each dress ended up being only $115 after tax and shipping. Holy amazement!! The dresses are navy and will be accented with green jewelery which I'm making next week (while stuck at home looking like Frankenstein)  and a green bouquet.

MOH boquets similar to this :)

For M and his groomsmen, they will be in a navy suit (which we still have yet to decide on-whoops!) with a green and navy striped tie (purchased from - great site) for M and our dads and the same print in a bow tie for the groomsmen. I'm a lover of the bow tie and have even requested that our wedding guests wear them, however my sweet hubs to be isn't a fan of them, so he's getting a regular tie. I like that though, because it will separate him from his groomsmen.

The usher's tie

Our ushers will be in any tan suit of their choice, paired with a navy and white gingham bow tie and my honorary bridesmaid's will be in any champagne/nude/tan colored dress of their choosing. Again, I wanted something that everyone liked and that they'd wear again and I'm excited about the variety of dresses my honorary bridesmaid's will be wearing. Since the people on stage will be "matchy matchy," I like how the rest of the wedding party wont.

My favorite attire, well other than my dress, is my flower girl and ring bearer. Holy cuteness they are going to look so stylish and adorable!! The ring bearer (my nephew) will be in apple green shorts,a navy and white gingham button down (to match ushers bow ties), and a navy blazer and navy bow tie. His shoes are the same gingham print as his shirt and the usher's bow tie. I stole the whole idea for his look from J Cew, but after seeing the $175 price tag on just the blazer alone (seriously people, who pays that for a 3 year old's blazer?) I was on a mission to replicate the look for less. The shorts and bow tie ended up coming from J Crew, but we found the shirt at Gap for 40% off ($17), the shoes at Old Navy ($15) and the blazer at JCPenny ($30). We are replacing the buttons on the blazer with gold ones, but once that's done, it's going to look identical to the one at J Crew. Who say's you can't look fab on the cheap?!

My flower girl's dress is a tutu style dress from an Etsy shop, . Oh mercy, is she going to look like a little fairy princess or what?! Her dress should be in next week and I cannot wait to see it!! Here's a sneak of it from the designer's Etsy site. The dress will be in ivory, as shown, but with a navy sash and flowers. We may for-go the sash, but we have to wait to see what it looks like when it arrives. And no, she wont be wearing that hideously huge feather in her hair. ha!
The Evelyn...Stunning Ivory Dress with Ivory Roses and Champagne Accents

We LOVE how things are coming together and can't wait to see how it looks once it's all put together!!

The Bride To Be

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sorry I've been MIA

Hey friends! Sorry I've been MIA all week. I was diagnosed with skin cancer on my nose and needless to say, it's been a rough week. While I'm very thankful that it's not Melanoma, it's Basal Cell (the best kind to have if you're going to have it), being told you have to have surgery on your nose a month before your wedding is very upsetting. Thankfully, my surgeon is one of the best, and he's assured me that I will be fine by June 2nd. However, the timing is AWFUL- financially (it's a very expensive procedure), work wise (right during our EOC testing week) and with the wedding (SO much to do).

Friends, what is most scary is that I DO NOT meet the criteria to have this. I am dark hair, eyed, and skin. I tan very well, have only had maybe 2 sunburns in my life, and I wear sunscreen. I DO NOT use the tanning bed and the spot is on my nose where my sunglasses tend to sit and isn't readily exposed to sun. Needless to say, this can happen to anyone!! In fact, when my derm saw the spot over the winter, she dismissed it as just a patch of dry of skin or some mild pigment issue because this is usually something that affects old people. 
Please, please, please, be cautious of any changes you have to your skin (mine is a very slight reddish color patch) and go see your dermatologist. If this spot hadn't been on my face, I wouldn't have even gone and seen about it b/c its barely noticeable!! 
Please pray that it's no worse than they think and that my little nose heals very quickly and scar free ( I've heard horror stories of how awful you can look afterwards). I'll keep everyone updated after my surgery and I'll also try to post some next week about our fabulous couples shower we are having tomorrow!! Have a wonderful weekend and remember to wear your sunscreen on your lovely little noses!!!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Have you been here?!

Have you been to Marshalls lately?! If not; go, now. Especially if you live in the Lexington area. Tonight, I scored a Juicy Couture swimsuit for only $30. There was nothing wrong with it, other than the fact that it was a style from last spring/summer; and really, if you care about that then you have serious issues :) It's oober cute and retro looking and because it's Juicy its very well made with great fabric that fits in all of the right places!
They also have tons of cute beach towels (not Juicy brand, but cute) on sale for cheap :) I'm hoping to find a few more crazy swimsuit steals there before our honeymoon!! If anyone else finds some cute swimsuit steals, let me know!!! 12 days in the Caribbean is going to require several suits :)

Yay for bargains!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Engagement Pics Are Ready :)

We got our final edited engagement pics back from our photographer! After seeing the pictures, I determined that I chose a terrible shirt to wear; it was a very loose fitting, flowy type and it definitely made me look like I have a big ol' belly. I'm kicking myself for not choosing a more fitted top :(  You see, I have a big Beyoncesque booty, but small waist, so if I'm not careful I can look chubby. I have to balance my booty by accenting my waist and I didn't here and I feel like I definitely look like a chubster in some of the pics. Regardless, we are still loving our pictures. Here's just a few of our favorites :)

Outfit: Limited 967 Jeans, Green blazer-Gap Spring 2012, Shirt- NY & Co Spring 2012
Hot for teacher in the hallway ;)
This is our, "Don't mess with me" face :)
Dress: Loft Spring 2012


Happy Monday,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Ashley over at Southern State of Mind nominated me for my first ever blog award! Thanks, Ash! Go check out her blog-it's cute :)

The Liebster Award is for up and coming bloggers (200 followers or less) that you think deserve recognition for their fabulous blogging abilities.

Here's how this award process works...

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My 5 Facts!

 1. I'm a reality t.v. junkie. I'm stealing this one from Ashley, because it's SO true for me. My DVR is nothing but reality TV shows, except for Desperate Housewives and GCB. It's a tad ridiculous how many reality tv shows that I watch on a frequent basis. I LOVE the Real Housewives of Orange County and Atlanta, Bethenny Ever After, The Bachelor/ette, Sweet Home Alabama, The Little Couple, 19 Kids and Counting, Fashion Star, and soon I'll be watching Melissa & Tye as well (LOVE her from the Bachelor). I think I need a reality TV intervention. Ha :) 

2. I LOVE the smell of gasoline at gas stations. I've loved it ever since I've been a kid and still do today :)

3. I cannot go to bed unless my feet are freshly cleaned. Every night before bed, I have to clean my feet (unless I just got out of the shower) or else I cannot go to sleep. Clean feet = Happy Sleep :)

4.My coffee cup, sleeve, and lid must all match before I can take a drink If I go to Starbucks (or wherever)  and all 3 don't line up correctly, I cannot take a sip until they do. I will sometimes pull over in the parking lot of a coffee place and re-align everything or else it will sit in my car and get cold b/c I just cant bring myself to drink it. Weird, I know :)

5. I was once a finalist to be on the game show Deal or No Deal Back in 2006, they came to our city to do a local casting call. There were some 10,000 people that waited in line for hours and tried out and I was one of 30 that was called back to meet with the producers and such! I didnt make it on the show (they only selected 1 from the area), but it was still fun!

I'm passing along the Award to the following blogs :

Allyson over at Cupcake and CandyCanes (we've never met, but she's a fellow bride to be and  her blog is great) 

Mae Mae over at Two Hoots and a Holler (we lived together during college one summer in FL and her and her hubs are in the process of adopting a sweet baby girl from Ethopia-love her)

Katie over at Hems for Her (we've never met either, but shes a fellow teacher and bargain shopper)

Bethany over at Bought As Is (we grew up together- she's battling some illnesses lately; her faith and strength is AMAZING; be sure to visit her site and send her some well wishes)

Andrea over at Imaginary Friends (we also grew up together and share lots of memories)


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guest Posting :)

I'm super excited to announce that I'm doing my first ever guest post today over at Chic On A Shoestring!

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Be sure to visit Kate's site and see my diaper wreath how-to :)

Thanks again, Kate, for letting me guest post :)


Thrifty Thursday.....Lilly Knock-Off

It's no secret that I'm a lover of all things Lilly. I absolutely adore all of her fun, girly dresses and accessories. What I'm not a fan of is the high price tag that comes with it. My teacher salary does not allow for frequent $200 dress purchases. Well,it could, but then I wouldn't be able to eat for a few weeks to offset the cost ;) So, I'm always on the hunt for cute dresses that I can afford. I found a super cute Lilly knock-off at Francesca's Collections a few weeks ago and the two times I've worn it I've received tons of compliments. Best part is, the dress was only $44!

Here's the Lilly Dress Lilly Pulitzer Marisa Dress Pink Hyacinth Lucky Seersucker

And here's a picture of me wearing my "knock off" on Easter :)

  Sorry, the picture isn't the greatest (taken with my old school iPhone 3 and in the sun)  and what you cant see is that the back of the dress ties into a big ol' bow! It really is an adorable and comfy dress!! I wore it in Charleston with flip flops and then dressed it up for church by wearing wedges and a white cardigan! It's so versatile and the glorious part's definitely not $200 :)
I tried finding it on the Francesca's online store and couldn't find it, but it is in stores!!

Happy Knock-Off Dress Wearing

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday....All The Single Ladies (and fellas)

I thought about writing this for some time; in fact, I've spoken the words below to several of my single friends...I feel like I'm the poster child for the girl who thought that unless she "settled" she was going to stay husband-less for forever. Because I refused to settle, I just assumed I'd be the eternal bachelorette.


I LOVE  Beyonce. Love! Love! Love! Her song, Single Ladies, came out right at the perfect time for me. I was single (and when I say single I simply mean un-married, not sans a boyfriend. Lord know I had plenty of those-good and bad! Ha!) and living in a world of where it seemed as if EVERYONE was in love and getting married. EVERYONE, except me. I spent the summer of 2007 (the song came out in 08, I think?) attending 13 weddings and even have my own real life 27 Dresses experience one Saturday- running back and forth between two wedding of two dear friends. Seriously friends, this was my life. As much as I wish I could say I loved that time of my life, I didn't always enjoy it. It was hard sometimes. Really hard.  It was hard seeing everyone get married and wondering if I would ever have that experience that all of my friends were having. It was scary thinking that maybe I was just supposed to spend the rest of my life "alone." Had he been hit by a truck and I never got to meet him? Maybe. Was I supposed to go live in the African bush and love on orphaned babies for the rest of my life? Maybe. I didn't know; but what I did know was this: I had a huge desire in my heart to be a wife and a mom and I questioned God on several occasions as to why I was 25+ and still finding the "wrong" guys. It's hard being single in your late 20's (especially when living in the South) when you have a desire to be a wife and a mom, or a husband and a dad. 
But friends, it's worth the wait and looking back now, I understand and am SO thankful for my single days. I learned so much about myself and life in general, had amazing experiences and met some fabulous people. Being single really is a blessing; one I wish I had realized earlier on in my twenties. Below is a list of my personal favorites and blessings from my "single lady" days. 

Note: I didn't meet my fiance until 2 months before I turned 28.

1) Went to Africa and loved on orphans and teachers. I thought maybe this is what God wanted me to do with my life and while I'm so blessed with the experience, the Lord showed me that this little prissy girl is not cut out to live in the African bush. Regardless, this experience was AMAZING and left me forever changed and I never would've gone had I not be searching for what the Lord's plan was for my single girl life. 

2) Traveled. A lot. I have SO many wonderful memories of spending my 25th birthday in Vegas, 2 weeks in FL with some dear friends, weekend road trips, mission trips to Jamaica/Haiti, cruise vacays, etc. There's a big ol' world our there, and exploring it is SO fun and was SO fun during my pre-Michael days. Don't get me wrong; It's amazing now experiencing it WITH him, but the memories of my single girls travel days are priceless :)

3) Learning how to take care of myself with typical man jobs. I can change light bulbs, paint a room, take out the trash, check the oil in my car, weed a garden, put together a piece of furniture, etc. All of which I guarantee you I would never have taken the time to learn had I been married in my early twenties. 

4) Buying a house. Alone. With no financial help from anyone. Talk about feeling like Miss I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T :) With that comes decorating a house any way you want. Pink and green guest room? Yes, please :)  Love my fun little bachelorette pad!

5) Having several years of working "real" jobs with "real" salaries.  M and I will be in pretty decent financial shape when we get married and it's all due to the fact that we are getting married 2 months before we turn 30. Had we met and gotten married younger (when I was so desperately wanting to be a wife), we'd definitely not be in as good of shape as we are going to be. I will hopefully be able to stay home when we have babies, and that's all thanks to working big girl and big boy jobs with real salaries for several years before getting married and having kids.

6) Enjoying life sans kiddos. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE kids; M and I want kids, several in fact, and we will probably have them within a year or two of getting married. But, we also know that kids change everything; how our time will be spent, our money, our vacations, etc. And I know good and well, had I been married and already had kids, I wouldn't have gone and done half of the things I've done and that we will do pre-kids in our marriage.

8) Having a deeper and greater relationship with God. Sometimes, the greatest times of growth with God (at least with me) are when you are questioning him. It's through my long prayers and constant asking the Lord what his purpose for my life was, that he truly showed himself to me in many ways. It was also during this time that the Lord really showed me all of the benefits of being single which led to me to really LOVE life and embrace and enjoy my singleness in the year leading up to mine and M's meeting.

So single ladies (and fellas), if that desire is in your heart, the Lord WILL bless it; your perfect mate will show up when you least expect it  and it will truly happen at the perfect time:) Don't settle. Don't ever feel like you need to settle. ENJOY life, travel, have fun, do things only single people can do, and have faith that God has it all planned out perfectly for you because, he does. He totally does.

The Bride to Be :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ohhh Reeses Eggs

These,  my friends, are dangerous. Oh so dangerous. We all know I have a great love for PB and there's just something about these little egg shaped creatures that makes me eat, and eat, and eat.  These are SO dangerous in fact that I have gone through an entire bag of the miniature ones since Friday. Yep, sure have. That's an average of 5 eggs a day. But at least they were only the minature ones, right?! Ha!
Looks like this girl will be going for a long run tonight to burn off all of those calories.

Happy Tuesday,


Monday, April 9, 2012

Tissue Paper Frame

At my lingere shower, I received lots of tissue paper in my gift bags. I loved all of the hot pinks, reds, polka dots, etc that graced my packages and I wanted to find a way to keep some without simply throwing it in a memory box. I began thinking about what to do and then I remembered back to ye' old college days when we would Mod Podge EVERYTHING- picture frames, trash cans, tables, etc. I think for a time I was even slightly obsessed with it. Ha!
Mod Podging is super easy so I decided I would make a tissue paper frame using the tissue from my gifts and then place a picture from the bachelorette party into the frame. I'm excited about how it turned it, but more importantly I love how I now have a permanent memory from the weekend :) I think this would be a great idea to use for virtually any gift left overs from various events (birthdays, baby showers, etc) Here's how to make one:

- Frame or photo mat- I used an old frame that was sitting around collecting dust in my guest bedroom
- Bottle of Mod Podge- I used the high gloss formula
-Foam brush
- Tissue paper

1. Tear the tissue paper into small sections. I didnt use any particular method to this other than simply tearing the paper. The pieces came out in all different shapes and sizes.

2. Place some Mod Podge on the frame and begin layering the pieces around, sealing each piece with another layer of Mod Podge (this helps create a nice glossy finish)

3. Let dry for a few hours then go back and add some more pieces to fill in areas that may appear to thin and add another coat of the Mod Podge for its final seal
4. Let dry and Volia! There's your frame! Easy! Easy! Easy!

Happy Frame Making,

I linked up with Pink Hippo Party and Uncommon Designs

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Good Friday!

Today, I am SO thankful for what the Lord has done for me in my life. I am SO thankful that he sent his only son to die for all of my sins and your sins so that we may have eternal life with him in Heaven.

Some days its SO hard to feel like the Lord can love me despite all of my shortcomings, but today, HE reminds ME just how much he loves ME and YOU. There's absolutely NOTHING that we can do that will separate us from HIS AMAZING LOVE :)

I hope and pray each of you have come to know his amazing love and grace! I definitely don't know where I'd be without it- a hot mess; that's for sure :)

Have a Blessed Friday, Friends :)


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday....Bachelorette Bash :)

My destination bachelorette bash was an absolute and total blast! The weekend was truly perfect and everything I hoped it would be- low key, relaxing, and fun! We had wonderful weather, yummy food and great conversations all weekend long. Here's the re-cap: (It's long. Sorry. I'm really detailed when I tell stories; I can't help it! Ha!)

Our Condo @ Folly
Friday: 5 of us loaded up and headed out of Lexington after school and Julia (one of my MOH's) drove down from Raleigh, NC. After taking a detour to avoid the mess at Jelico, we arrived at our condo in Folly Beach about 8.5/9 hours later. Jane, Em, and I had a great time catching up and reminiscing on spring breaks of the past during our drive. Ha! Ha! What memories : )
As soon as the second group of girls arrived (we got split up in the detour mess), I gave each girl her little thank you gift from me- a personalized Tervis cup (I LOVE how you can personalize them via their website) with a pink and green SC logo, a bottle of Essie Bachelorette Bash color polish, and a luggage tag. Each girl loved her gifts and the cups came in super handy all weekend! Not long after that we all went to bed like the old ladies that we are! 
The gifts for my girls :)

Saturday morning Jules, Em and I woke up around 7:30 out of sheer habit. Since we were up we decided we'd go for a run on the beach. The 3 of us completed the Women's Half Marathon in November, so it was fun to run as a group again. We ran about 1.5 miles down and then back and headed back to the condo to get ready to head into downtown Charleston for our mani/pedi appointment. When we arrived in downtown the Cooper River Bridge Run was still going on since it started a lot later than planned, so it was neat to see all of the runners finishing up their last stretch. Downtown was hopping which made things super fun! We found our nail place on King Street (Tips 2 Toes-highly recommend)  and they took us right up to their pedicure room. They spoiled us with wine, gave our toes some lovin, and then we headed back down to get our manis. I got my first ever gel nails manicure and I LOVED it! Polish has never lasted on my nails this long and my nails feel super strong- I'll definitely get one again!
@ Tips 2 Toes

We left the nail place, went to lunch at Leaf and then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping around. I was in bow tie and seersucker heaven :) We headed back to the condo around 3 or 4 and relaxed, showered, and got ready for our evening out.

Saturday Evening started with apps and wine, a fun game, and my lingerie shower! We watched the first half of the UK UL game and then we then headed back into downtown to eat dinner at Virginia's. We ate southern style food, including homemade pimento cheese- yumm- and then headed down to the rooftop bar at the Pavilion Hotel. I went here a few years ago and LOVED it, so I knew that's where I wanted to spend my evening. They have The. Best. Sweet Tea Martinis there and the environment is super fun- a very South Beach/Vegas feel. We scored a table and spent the rest of our night dancing, laughing and just having fun. We left there around 12:30 and went back to the condo where we sat on our patio and talked until 2:30 or so.
At the Pavilion Hotel Rooftop
Best ever sweet tea martinis
Before heading out for the night!

Sunday morning we woke up and headed down to the beach for our beach day. One of mine and Jane's pledge sisters lives 5 miles from the beach and came to spend a few hours with us while her newborn took her nap. It was great seeing her and catching up! We spent the morning sipping mimosas and soaking up some sun! The beach was CRAZY- like spring break style crazy, but it was definitely fun! Around 1,  we headed to Taco Boy for lunch and to the local beach shack shops for some shopping.
View from our balcony

Pledge Sisters!!
Mimosas on the beach :)

We went back to the beach afterwards where we laid until 6 or so (pure heaven) and then headed in to get ready for dinner. As we were getting ready we watched 27 Dresses ( a girls weekend must) and then headed out for dinner around 9. To our surprise, no place was serving food by then. Apparently the crazy day wiped several of the places out of most of their food so they closed their kitchens early. We finally found the Blu restaurant in the Tides Hotel. We ate tapas style food outside on their patio and just enjoyed dining right on the beach! Their bison short ribs cannolis were AMAZING!!!!!
My first college roomie and fellow bride to be :)

Smoke from the fire pit at restaurant :)

Monday- Em and Jane headed back to KY because they had to work on Tuesday. Mel, Ash, Jules, and I headed down to the beach after checking out of the condo. It was 90 and sunny (they broke a record for the heat) so we were definitely roasting. Jules left to head home to NC around noon and Ash, Mel and I went back over to Blu for lunch. We then went into town and found this cute vintage/consignment shop that is used to buy the clothes for the actresses in Army Wives-it's filmed in the area. I found the dress for our rehearsal dinner and the fascinator for my bridal tea for only $69 total! All of the girls in the wedding are going to wear fascinators for the tea. I'm super excited about this :)
Butterfly Consignment. Full of cute cute clothes!!

After our shopping adventure, we headed to check into our B & B, the Indigo Inn. I've never stayed at a B & B before so I was super excited! When we arrived, the courtyard was full of the 65+ crowd- LOVE! They were all so cute :) We took showers, went to the lobby for the evening wine and cheese, and then headed out for some sightseeing and dinner.

We dined at Poogan's Porch (Yum!) and then headed to the King Street Sports Bar to watch our Wildcats win the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! We found several UK fans on the streets and in the bar so it was definitely fun cheering on the Cats with fellow fans!
Cheering on the Big Blue Nation!
Tuesday morning we woke up and enjoyed the hotel's breakfast and then checked out and went down to the Battery/Rainbow Row area for some sightseeing. There were tons of houses for sale and being renovated so it was fun sneaking peaks at the multi-million dollars homes that I'd LOVE to own one day ( a girl can dream, right?!). I saw and snapped pictures of lots of cute flower boxes so I can try to re-create a little bit of Rainbow Row in my own backyard. Maybe, I'll luck out and have mine come out as cute as their's. Doubt it, but it's a fun thought :) Ha!
Yummy breakfast in our courtyard

Rainbow Row
Loving their back patio!!

Beautiful flower box!!

Around 12:30, we headed out and began the Looooong drive through the wind and rain back to KY. We made it back around 9:45 last night and I was super excited to see my lovely hubs to be's handsome face along with my 4-legged furry man.

I am just so blessed to have such wonderful friends who made my weekend so wonderful- and I missed those that couldn't make it. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend! If you're looking for a great girls getaway, I HIGHLY recommend the Charleston/Folly area. SO SO FUN!!!! And to my lovely wedding party, I love y'all so much-Thanks again for everything!!!

The Bride to Be