Sunday, December 12, 2010


Aggggh, I'm such a terrible blogger!!! My apoligies to the three of you who actually read this ;)

Groupon is another must join site! It's FREE, full of deals, and it's finally arrived in Lexington. Yay!

The gist of it is that each day a "deal" is offered and sent to your email. The deal may be $80 in spa services for $40, a $25 dollar coupon for a bakery for $5, etc etc. The deal is only "on" once so many people buy into it. Example: Once 10 people buy the spa coupon it goes into full effect and its active.

Businesses use Groupon because they get tons of exposure and gain tons of new customers by the people buying the deal and, in turn, come in to their business. That is why they offer such excellent one time deals. Smart advertising :)

Now, if you decide you want to buy into a deal, you simply click on the link, enter your credit card info (dont worry, its a safe secure site) and you get an email sent for you to print to redeem your services. There are great business on the site and some great deals! I recently purchased an entire month membership to a local, hot yoga studio for only $30. Pretty stinkin fab!!!

Another great benefit of Groupon is that you can vist other cities' Groupon site and buy deals for places you are going to visit while there.
Groupon is an ever growing business so I'm sure the great deals will keep coming!

Be sure to JOIN and start enjoying the fabulous things for fabulous prices!!

Here's a link to sign up, learn more about it, and join