Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scrumptious Sunday

Scrumptious Sunday
I've decided to dedicate each Sunday's post to something scrumptious; either a great restaurant or must try recipe. I LOVE finding new, fun, recipes, and great local restaurants!! Wallace Station is one of those local must trys!

It's located out Old Frankfort Pike and is surronded by horse farms and pure southern cuteness! It's easily accessed by taking Pisgah Pike(the road next to the castle) while meets OFP. It is such a fun drive; especially on days like today-simply goregous!
The building sits right off the road and it looks like an old general store on the outside....Their menu is mostly sandwiches, burgers, and salads and also features their famous fried chicken. They have been featured on Diners Drive-in's and Dives on the Food Network where Guy had one of their famous Big Brown Burgers.
Today, M grabbed a regular cheesburger and I had their power protein salad. Both were quite tasty and it's definitely afforadable! ($20 for two people) The burger was on a homemade bun and the salad was topped with fresh vinagrette dressing and served with a side of strawberries! Yum!!! They had a fully stocked dessert case of which everything looked delish as well-huge chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake brownies, the works! It's defintely a must try!!

Happy Dining :)


Friday, April 1, 2011

'Twas The Night Before the Final Four...

In honor of our CATS
Not sure who wrote it, but its cute!

Twas the night before Madness and all through the land,
Not a team left unshaken by Jorts and his band.

The posters were plastered on locker room walls,
In hopes that a meeting would not soon be called.

When down there in Tampa arose such a fuss
The whole team from Princeton was sent to the bus.

Then several days later as if right on cue,
The Cats sent ‘em packin, those Mountaineers too!

Then Cal skipped his way to the New Jersey shore,
For a meeting they said was the Cats final door.

But Jorts had a plan as he threw the ball in,
And it bounced off a chest and the Bucs couldn’t win.

Living large were the Cats’ Mr. Knight and his crew,
Then came the Tar Heels with Houston in view.

“Take Three” from the corner said ‘Dre as he shot,
And then Carolina knew Houston was not.

Now Final Four Dancing, it has been a while,
But Cats and their fans, it don’t matter the miles.

Be lookin’ for Kemba, his Conn artists’ too,
The Cats will be bringin’ its defense for you.

On Brandon , on Lamb, and on Jonesy too,
Got Miller and Jorts, and they’re bringing the crew.

Now Liggins and Vargas then go to “The Hood”
The seeding they gave us was much less than good!

So See you in Houston now Mr. Calhoun,
And practice real hard cause it’s comin’ too soon.

The team you will dance with, they just woke up late,
But they’ll have ‘em laced up, they want Number 8!