About the blog

I started this blog in 2010 when I was 27 year old single teacher. I LOVE traveling and have always been known to have champagne tastes, but found ways to live those tastes on my teacher salary. Several friends told me I needed to start sharing my ideas, so I did :)
Since then, I have fallen in love and became a wife, but I still love finding excellent bargains on my teacher's salary. This blog is a mix of tips on how to find great bargins, yummy recipes, travel tips and how to travel cheap, crafty things, and most recently chronicling my wedding planning. I'm sure it will be ever changing as I become a wife and then a mom, but I hope it will be a place where I can share helpful hints with each of you and learn some things from you as well!  I feel that we are all in this world together, so why not share fabulous things with one another :)
Feel free to "steal" any ideas you get from here, just please refer back to this blog in your post. If I steal something from you, I'll give you credit, so I only ask you do the same for me!

Here is the the very first pink pineapple post :And So It Begins...