Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And so it begins...

Being a teacher, you have to learn to live life on a budget. Being a bachelorette, I'm constantly on the go, trying to live up everything life has to offer. Combining the two can sometimes be challenging because face it; things cost money. I've become pretty skilled at "living a champagne lifestyle on a teacher/beer budget," therefore, I wanted a way to share the bargains, steals, deals, etc that I've learned to live by!

This blog is a way for me to share some of my fun tips with y-o-u, as well as a place to share things God is teaching/showing me during this phase of life!

Now, if you are wondering where the name of this blog, The Pink Pineapple, came from here's an explanation:

1) I LOVE fresh pineapple, like seriously, I stinkin' LOVE it! I probably eat it a lil' too much!

2) Pineapples remind me of the beach. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a total beach girl through and through. If you come in my house, its beach themed... if you ask me where I'm traveling to, chances are, its the beach.... I even lived on the beach for a summer in college...I definitely plan on living at, on, or near the beach at some point in the near future.

3) Pineapples are also a symbol of hospitality, welcome, good cheer, friendship etc. I LOVE hostessing events, I love being surrounded by those whom I love, and I'm a social butterfly. For me, people are just neat, and I feel one can never have too many friends.

4) And Finally, for the color pink. Pink is the color we most widely associate with girls and face it, I'm "girly". I love everything about being a woman from wearing sundresses and high heels, spa trips with my girls, sipping martinis and watching "chick flicks," to one day being a mom. God designed women for an important role in this world, and I'm so glad he made me one!

And so it begins.... The Pink Pineapple.....I hope and pray God uses me and this blog to help each of you in some way, shape, or form. Even if it's by helping you find a great steal on a new pair of stilettos ;)



PS- I'm not the most tech savvy chick on the planet (its almost embarassing how terrible I am when it comes to computers), so bear with me as I attempt to learn how to set up and use a blog.

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  1. Excited about following you on this blog....you make me smile and laugh out loud! You are a sassy chick!