My Favorite Things :)

Here is a list of some of my favorite places to find great things! These are strictly my opinion, but I hope you like them too :) I've purchased and/or used things from each site multiple times, so they are all "tried and true"

My favorite site for finding coupon codes :

My favorite site for getting hotel rooms and car rentals at a steal:

My favorite site for adorably cute bags, baskets, totes and more:

My favorite site(s) for super cute monogrammed gifts and more:  locally:

My favorite site for yummy recipes that won't make you fat:

My favorite site for recipes that might make you fat, but are oh so good:

My favorite crafty stores: and

My favorite airline for ridiculously cheap flights:

My favorite website for pre-travel planning:

My favorite stores for finding designer styles on a budget: and

My favorite site(s) for super cute cards, photos, and such:,, and