Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Proposal

First off, THANK YOU so much for all of the phone calls, fb messages, texts, etc! We are beyond thrilled to begin this next stage of life and feeling so loved by everyone, just makes it that much better! We cannot wait to share our "big day" with each of you in June!!

Here's the story:
I have been bugging M for a few weeks to go see the Bodies Revealed exhibit at Heritage Hall. I'm quite the museum nerd and the thought of seeing real dead people fascinates me. Sick? Maybe, but regardless I've been dying to go! So, early this week we made plans to finally see the exhibit and have an actual, official "date night" since those have been scarce lately due to our crazy busy schedules. I began to think something was up when M was very insistent that we eat someplace downtown and spend our evening down there, without any of our friends. We had the first part of our first date at Thursday Night Live, so I started to think that maybe he had something in the works....Well, little did he know that when he began to plan this evening, that downtown would be hopping with events, particularly the end of the Bourbon Chase and the Light The Night Walk. After trying to make reservations someplace without any success, he decided we would simply head to deShaes early in hopes of getting a table.
Well rewind to Saturday afternoon, when the migraine that I had been battling since Thursday finally was taking it's toll. I was at a baby shower with my mom and just began feeling MISERABLE. We left soon after the gifts had been opened because I just needed to lie down. My mom, knowing that the proposal was going to happen, was like "Well Ashlee, you have to get better by tonight." I said something along the lines of postponing our evening out and mom was VERY insistent that I should go. By this point, I really began thinking something was up because what mom would try to send her daughter out when she's sick?? She took me straight to Rite Aid, bought 2 types of medicine and gave me strict orders to take it and feel better so I could have my evening out with M.
An hour and half later he shows up at my house ready to head out. I had just woken up from a nap and was feeling somewhat better, but had no desire to get super fixed up for our evening. I had a cute dress planned to wear and everything, but since I still wasn't feeling too hot, I told him, "Sorry honey, I'm just going to wear what I have on (jeans and a cute top)." He said "Are you sure?!" M never questions what I wear (yet another clue something was up), and I said "Yes, I'm sorry I'm not in a dress, but I just don't feel like it." Those of you who know me well know how much I LOVE wearing dresses so you know I'm sick when I think I may be getting proposed to, but still cant muster up the energy to change clothes.

 We arrived at deShae's, ate dinner, then headed over to Heritage Hall to see the exhibit. I was finally starting to feel better by this point so upon leaving HH, we began walking back towards the car which was parked at Broadway Christian. Broadway is the church M grew up attending and also the church where we attended our first service together as a couple, so it holds a special place in our hearts. As we approached Broadway, there was a van of elderly people arriving along with several of cars, because the church was holding some type of an event. M quickly realized he was going to be unable to propose there, so he suggested we just keep walking and enjoy downtown. He suggested we head over to Gratz Park to enjoy the scenery and some peace and quiet since downtown had been so crazy! We arrived at Gratz Park and began walking around the sidewalk that flows through the park. Then, we entered under the iron archway and he suggested we take a picture together.
  I got out my camera and we snapped the above picture, then, as my head was turned he said, "I think we should take another picture with this." As I looked down he had the ring box opened and I said "Shut the front door. Shut the front door." He then got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife. Of course, I said "Yes!"  It couldn't have been more perfect with the sun setting, the beautiful fall trees, and the intimate setting of such a historic place in Lexington.
Right after I said, "Yes" I was only slightly excited ;)

I really couldn't ask for a better man to spend the rest of my life with. Michael is such an amazing man of God who exhibits every quality that I have prayed for in a husband. He is SO loving, so stinkin' funny, and has such a servant's heart. He is definitely the "yin" to my "yang" and I like to think we make a pretty good team :)   He strives everyday to be the man of God he was designed to be, and I cannot wait to see him as a father to our future children. Although it took us 27 years and 8 months to finally meet one another, it was worth every bit of the wait! We met each other when we were both so happy and so complete in our own lives that it just works. If you would've told me at 21 years old that I wouldn't be engaged until the age of 29, I probably would have died, but for us, it's been exactly the way God had planned. We have lived our single lives to the fullest and are now ready to embark on this new journey as our own family!!
Again, thanks again for all of the lovely messages! We are SO SO excited to get this wedding planned- and we promise, it's going to be a great one!!

The bride-to-be :)