Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ohhhh restaurants

Who doesn't love to eat out? I, for one, eat out quite often because it's just so hard to make a meal for just one person... Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to cook and bake, but sometimes I'd much rather have someone else do the cooking for me....Plus, nothing beats a good meal on a Friday night with your friends and or family after a long work week :)

One of my newest website loves is Many thanks to my dear friend Jarred for introducing me to this ever so fabulous website.... Basically, this is a site that sales gift cards to restaurants (most are NOT chains) at discounts prices. Example: a $25 dollar gift card for $10-15.... you pay online and print the coupon out right from your computer's printer....Now, this is great, but its gets better my friends!

By signing up for the website (totally free to do) you receive these wonderful 60-80% discounts codes (usually once or twice a month) to use off of the already discounted pricing. So, you are getting a $25 gift card for $2. Sounds too good to be true? Well, its really is THAT fabulous!!! Now each restaurants' requirements for using their particular gift card are different, so be sure to read them coupon before going to eat. For example, one may have a minimum purchase price of $50 while another may only be valid for dinner, etc etc. Even so, these are SUCH a great deal!!!
In Lexington, some amazing restaurants are listed such as: Bellinis, Furlongs, Miyako, Buddys in Chevy Chase, Bistro grill at Joesph Beth. Fabulous, right?! I know, I'm in love ;)

Here's another neat thing about the site, it is great for traveling. You simply type in the zip code of where you are heading and it provides a list of restaurants in the area that you can purchase coupons for. I like this for 2 reasons: 1) If it's a place I'm not familiar with, I rarely know what restaurant options will be available to me and 2) Since most places AREN'T chains, you get a taste of the local cuisine! Over spring break, I went to Asheville, NC. We found this amazing restaurant in downtown, bought the coupon, had a wonderful dinner, and saved $25. The restaurant is called Vincenzo's and if you ever go to Asheville, eat there! You will love it!!! Seriously amazing food and great upscale atmosphere.

Definitely hit up, sign yourself up, and start saving some major green!! You will become quite the fan of it as well!!!

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