Monday, April 9, 2012

Tissue Paper Frame

At my lingere shower, I received lots of tissue paper in my gift bags. I loved all of the hot pinks, reds, polka dots, etc that graced my packages and I wanted to find a way to keep some without simply throwing it in a memory box. I began thinking about what to do and then I remembered back to ye' old college days when we would Mod Podge EVERYTHING- picture frames, trash cans, tables, etc. I think for a time I was even slightly obsessed with it. Ha!
Mod Podging is super easy so I decided I would make a tissue paper frame using the tissue from my gifts and then place a picture from the bachelorette party into the frame. I'm excited about how it turned it, but more importantly I love how I now have a permanent memory from the weekend :) I think this would be a great idea to use for virtually any gift left overs from various events (birthdays, baby showers, etc) Here's how to make one:

- Frame or photo mat- I used an old frame that was sitting around collecting dust in my guest bedroom
- Bottle of Mod Podge- I used the high gloss formula
-Foam brush
- Tissue paper

1. Tear the tissue paper into small sections. I didnt use any particular method to this other than simply tearing the paper. The pieces came out in all different shapes and sizes.

2. Place some Mod Podge on the frame and begin layering the pieces around, sealing each piece with another layer of Mod Podge (this helps create a nice glossy finish)

3. Let dry for a few hours then go back and add some more pieces to fill in areas that may appear to thin and add another coat of the Mod Podge for its final seal
4. Let dry and Volia! There's your frame! Easy! Easy! Easy!

Happy Frame Making,

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  1. Oh! Such a neat frame and fun idea! Thanks for sharing! I'm an au pair for a couple kids and they would love this!!


  2. That is so adorable!


  3. This is interesting! Thanks for posting :)
    Have a nice day!

  4. This is so cute! Gotta love Modge Podge!

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