Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Engagement Pics Are Ready :)

We got our final edited engagement pics back from our photographer! After seeing the pictures, I determined that I chose a terrible shirt to wear; it was a very loose fitting, flowy type and it definitely made me look like I have a big ol' belly. I'm kicking myself for not choosing a more fitted top :(  You see, I have a big Beyoncesque booty, but small waist, so if I'm not careful I can look chubby. I have to balance my booty by accenting my waist and I didn't here and I feel like I definitely look like a chubster in some of the pics. Regardless, we are still loving our pictures. Here's just a few of our favorites :)

Outfit: Limited 967 Jeans, Green blazer-Gap Spring 2012, Shirt- NY & Co Spring 2012
Hot for teacher in the hallway ;)
This is our, "Don't mess with me" face :)
Dress: Loft Spring 2012


Happy Monday,


  1. Ashlee! Y'all look adorable, and you are GORGEOUS! I love them all!

  2. You look beautiful and the pictures are great! Love that pink Loft dress!

  3. these pictures are great! you look so beautiful! I love that green blazer!

  4. The pictures don't show up in any of the browsers I've tried. Can you post them in a different format? I want to see! :)