Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday....Wedding Party Attire :)

First off, thanks for all of the sweet messages and prayers about my little nose. My surgery is Monday morning and while I'm not scared about the actual procedure (it only takes about 10 minutes per layer of removal and we are hoping they only need to go in and remove one), it's what my nose is going to look like afterwards that I'm concerned about. I keep picturing the Bride of Frankenstein in my head and I freak. I just keep reminding myself that the doctor performing the surgery is the one who said to just do it now and that I will be totally fine- and he's the one with the the scalpel, so he's the one I have to trust. Please keep praying for me though as I have this constant sick feeling in my stomach over the whole ordeal.

Now, on to the wedding party attire :) From the start, my goal in picking my MOH's dresses was to pick something they would wear again. I refused to be a bride who made my girls buy a $250 dress that they'd only wear once. I immediately went to JCrew's and Ann Taylor's website (I LOVE their bridal selections) to see what I could find. I found a few dresses on each site that I liked and that I knew my girls would wear again. When I met up with two of my MOH's in St. Pete for our race, we looked over all of the options. We didn't make a decision that day, but we narrowed the choices down to 2 different dresses we liked, one at each place. Since I wasn't in a hurry to order anything in November, we decided to just wait and see if anything went on sale- and boy did they, big time. On Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) all of Ann Taylor's dresses went 50% off. Score! I called my girls, go their okay for the dress and ordered them right away. Each dress ended up being only $115 after tax and shipping. Holy amazement!! The dresses are navy and will be accented with green jewelery which I'm making next week (while stuck at home looking like Frankenstein)  and a green bouquet.

MOH boquets similar to this :)

For M and his groomsmen, they will be in a navy suit (which we still have yet to decide on-whoops!) with a green and navy striped tie (purchased from - great site) for M and our dads and the same print in a bow tie for the groomsmen. I'm a lover of the bow tie and have even requested that our wedding guests wear them, however my sweet hubs to be isn't a fan of them, so he's getting a regular tie. I like that though, because it will separate him from his groomsmen.

The usher's tie

Our ushers will be in any tan suit of their choice, paired with a navy and white gingham bow tie and my honorary bridesmaid's will be in any champagne/nude/tan colored dress of their choosing. Again, I wanted something that everyone liked and that they'd wear again and I'm excited about the variety of dresses my honorary bridesmaid's will be wearing. Since the people on stage will be "matchy matchy," I like how the rest of the wedding party wont.

My favorite attire, well other than my dress, is my flower girl and ring bearer. Holy cuteness they are going to look so stylish and adorable!! The ring bearer (my nephew) will be in apple green shorts,a navy and white gingham button down (to match ushers bow ties), and a navy blazer and navy bow tie. His shoes are the same gingham print as his shirt and the usher's bow tie. I stole the whole idea for his look from J Cew, but after seeing the $175 price tag on just the blazer alone (seriously people, who pays that for a 3 year old's blazer?) I was on a mission to replicate the look for less. The shorts and bow tie ended up coming from J Crew, but we found the shirt at Gap for 40% off ($17), the shoes at Old Navy ($15) and the blazer at JCPenny ($30). We are replacing the buttons on the blazer with gold ones, but once that's done, it's going to look identical to the one at J Crew. Who say's you can't look fab on the cheap?!

My flower girl's dress is a tutu style dress from an Etsy shop, . Oh mercy, is she going to look like a little fairy princess or what?! Her dress should be in next week and I cannot wait to see it!! Here's a sneak of it from the designer's Etsy site. The dress will be in ivory, as shown, but with a navy sash and flowers. We may for-go the sash, but we have to wait to see what it looks like when it arrives. And no, she wont be wearing that hideously huge feather in her hair. ha!
The Evelyn...Stunning Ivory Dress with Ivory Roses and Champagne Accents

We LOVE how things are coming together and can't wait to see how it looks once it's all put together!!

The Bride To Be


  1. Try not to worry too much about the procedure. Keep positive (this coming from someone who would probably be a nervous Nelly).

    Love all your choices. Good luck on Monday and I will say a prayer that you have a speedy "non- frankenstein" recovery.

  2. Your wedding sounds beautiful - I love bow ties too (but I could never get the fiance in one)! I will definitely be thinking about you on Monday, and I am sure that you are going to look just fine after the surgery.