Saturday, April 28, 2012

How Great Is Our God?!

When I passed along my little blog award, one of the ladies I passed it along to was my friend from growing up (litearlly, we grew up together from 1st grade on at church). I told y'all she had been batteling some illness. Well, friends, the Lord worked an amazing miracle in her life and while she still has a long road ahead, her brain tumors are gone. Completely. Amazing!

I read her post about it the other day during my plan period at work and tears just started flowing! If you've ever doubted God, or even if you don't believe in him, her story will speak volumes to his amazement!
Go read her POST, follow her journey, and be prepared to be amazed at God's awesome healing powers!!
She is truly an inspiration to everyone and I just couldnt help but want to share her story with you!!

Happy Saturday, Friends


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  1. What an incredible testimony! I can't wait to read her post!