Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dear JCP, I'm sorry for doubting you ;)

I have never been a huge fan of JCP's. I dont know what it is about it, but it's just never been a place I've shopped. I guess, I always associated it as a store with lots of teeny booper clothes as well as clothes for the over 65 type, BUT friends.....I was wrong!!!!
In the great search for our bedding, we ventured into JCP. We both laughed about how we never go in there, but we've been checking every possible option for our bedding. It's going to be our first time living together and such, so it's a pretty big deal to me that our first bed looks awesome! We' think we've found what we are going to do (I'll share that after the bed is complete), and although we didnt find any bedding we liked at JCP, we did find some super cute clothing items!

The big "Find" for me was their Mango clothing line, but we found some great steals for M as well! Fellas (because I know so many of you read this! ha!)  they have some awesome JCrew BRepublic style suit jackets for like $60! There was one, in particular that was a baby blue white pinstripe that I swear I've seen at JCrew before for at least double the price! They also had some great suit separates for way cheap! Great find!

As we were leaving, we passed through the women's section and walked into the MNG by Mango section. Holy cuteness! Most items reminded me of The Loft, and although some items were priced similar to what they would be at Loft, several pieces were definitely cheaper! Here are a few of some of the items from the line:
These were all $30 the other day! Multiple colors

There's lots of other cute items, but Miss Untech savvy here can't figure out how to link them! JCP always has sales, so I'm sure it will be easy to get these items for a steal!!

So JCP, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I doubted your fashion goodness. I will be back to scoop up some of that Mango goodness!!


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  1. I went through a JCP phase in college. They had some awesome partnerships for a minute with designers and things were on sale constantly. I don't have one near me now (even though I'm in D.C. -- crazy huh?), but I've learned not to discount a store without giving a chance every few years. They definitely change!