Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scrumptious Sunday....Quck, Easy, Dips

We decided yesterday to host a last minute cook out/UK game party. Being we live in the basketball mecca of the world, getting into a place on game day is tough. You must either A) get someplace super early or B) Go to a hole in the wall joint. We've been out for several games this year and decided that since we had church until noon and the game was at 2, to simply have people over and grill out hot dogs!
Of course, you cant just have hot dogs, so I decided to make 2 quick dips that I LOVE and that go great with veggies and chips. There's nothing magical to these dips, but after trying different mix-ins and different brands, I have found these to taste the best and are SO quick and easy to make-perfect for last minute shin-digs :)

Ranch Dip
1 Packet Hidden Valley Ranch Dips (I've tried the generic of this and it was gross)
1 16 oz Reduced Fat Sour Cream (Either Daisy or Kroger Brand are best)

Mix the dry ranch into sour cream and serve up with chips and veggies! I like this dip much better than pre-made dips you can buy. You can also buy the Fiesta Flavor of the dry dip mix and use in place of the dry mix. It's great and pairs great with tortilla chips. Again, use the Hidden Valley brand- it's best


French Onion Dip
1 Packet Kroger Brand French Onion Soup Mix
1 16 oz Reduced Fat Sour Cream (Again, Daisy or Kroger Brand are best)

Mix the two together and serve! Pairs great with chips!! Lipton brand is also good, but I like to save some $$ and go with the generic on this one!

Happy Dip Making


  1. Yum!! I'm a big fan of things that are quick and easy and cheap!! (thanks for entering my giveaway - and I did check out that dress -it is beautiful!)