Sunday, March 25, 2012

And the winner is......

Sorry I'm just now posting the winner, I had to watch my team secure their spot in the Final 4!! Whoop! Whoop! Looks like we will be cheering on the Cats from Charleston on Saturday :)

I have no clue how to post the winner other than to copy and paste the page from, so it's listed below!! Sar, you're the winner- and if you're not a follower of her's you should be! Her blog is super cute :) 
 If anyone knows how to show the winners other than by doing this, let me know! I tried to post the widget, but it didn't work. I swear y'all, I'm SO computer illiterate!! Ha!

Thanks again for being followers! I plan to do another giveaway at 100 followers :) I LOVE blessing y'all with fun gifts :)


P.S. The rain held off (praise the Lord) and our engagement pictures are complete! I'll have the sneaks within the next day or two so I'll be sure to post some on Wednesday!!

The giveaway copy and paste! I promise I entered everyone :)


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  1. I always love "finding" a fellow KY girl's blog!! :) GO CATS!!!! And how lucky are you to be watching the game in CHarleston, SC!!! I love that city! Y'all have a good time and pack lots and lots of BLUE!

  2. Whaaaaat?! WOOHOO! Best Sunday ever! First a free Starbucks, now this?! Amazing!

    1. Let me know what you need from me!

    2. Email me your address and I'll get it ordered then sent out to you :) It may be a week or 2 for me to get it in then sent, but it shouldnt take longer than 2 wks!!