Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Wednesday.....Registering!!

We FINALLY finished registering on Sunday! Yay!!  We completed our final registry at Bed Bath and Beyond and we also have registered at Pottery Barn and Honeyfund. We still need to go and update our PB registry since we registered there back in the fall right after we were engaged, and to be honest, we aren't really registered for a lot of things overall. Being that we are both 29 and have both owned our own homes for about 6 years, we have A LOT of stuff; in fact, we will be selling and donating a bunch of things that we have too many of, i.e. sofas, beds, etc.

When we set out to register, we both agreed that we weren't going to add stuff to the registry just to add it. Ever since I've been in my home, I've made it a point to buy "nicer" things little by little. I adopted the idea several years ago that just because I was single, didn't mean I couldn't have nicer things. I even joked that after attending 13 weddings in the summer of 2007, that I was going to create my own registry so people would buy things for me, since I was spending so much $$ on all of their gifts. Ha! 

With all of that being said, we decided right away that we were going to set up a honeymoon registry. We thought it would be fun to allow our friends and family to buy us things to enjoy on our honeymoon. Being that we will be in Antigua for 10 days, and in Puerto Rico for a full 24 hours beforehand, we will have a lot of time to see and explore all the islands have to offer. There are tons of snorkeling tours, zip lines, sunset cruises, spa treatments, etc, that we would LOVE to enjoy while there. Since we don't need a lot of "things" we thought this type of registry would be a perfect choice for one of our registries!

For our other 2 registries, we resisted the urge to point and scan everything (except for the $350 Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville machine that I'm dying to have and that I just know someone is going to get us, right?! Ha!) and really focused on things we need for our home. We do need new towels and sheets for the master bedroom and we also need some new everyday dishes and a few small kitchen appliances & accessories, but other than that, that's really all we need. Honestly, what we need most are BIG things for the house, i.e. new windows, hardwood floors, a new back door, appliances, etc. My, I mean OUR (I have to get used to saying that) house was built back in 93 and I'm pretty sure nothing has been updated since then (other than the roof). Since you cant register at Lowes, we are requesting that once our registries are cleared out, that people simply give us money. I've never been big on giving money or gift cards to people; I LOVE to buy gifts, but for us, it's what we need most of in order to update the casa! I know the guy at Bed Bath and Beyond was about to kill me on Sunday b/c he kept saying "You're having such a big wedding, you need to put tons of things on there." And I kept saying "No thanks, we really don't this." Poor guy, I'm not sure that he realized he was dealing with Miss Sally Stubborn and that nothing he said or did was going to sway me into registering for that super deluxe pots and pans set when I just got nice ones a few years ago. Love his heart, he was sure trying! haha!

We have had fun dreaming of what our home is going to look like with all of our new items and we are excited for our showers to begin because let's be honest, who doesn't like opening presents?!

The Bride To Be

P.S. If you're a blog follwer and havent registered for the Lucky Day Giveaway, be sure to do so by Sunday!!


  1. That is so cute to be able to register for your honeymoon!

  2. Very cute blog! Enjoy all of the wedding planning... it is such a fun time! Found your blog from the Thursday blog hop!

    ~ Di

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  4. Found your blog via the Blog Hop. I’m your newest GFC follower!