Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

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I am LOVING that we are having an early spring!! KY is SO green and beautiful right now, and WARM! Usually this time of year is rainy with hit or miss nice days; this year, its mostly all nice and warm -bliss!


I really think that food companies need to make packaged food meant for 1-2 people. I feel like I never really cook anymore, because when I do, we have TONS of leftovers and who wants to eat the same thing over and over again?! What are you supposed to do when you're not a family of 4?!


I think Michelle Duggar is a saint. I've watched their show, "19 Kids and Counting" for some time now, and while I don't necessarily agree with how strict they are when it comes to certain things, her love and faith in Christ cannot be second guessed.  The season finale was on the other night and it was the episode where they found out she had lost her 20th pregnancy at around 17 weeks. As she laid there and heard the news, she simply praised God for his ability to both give and take away. She followed it up by saying, "Blessed be the name of the Lord." Although she was so devastated, she knew that God was in control and that there was a greater purpose for her unborn baby. As a Christian, I know that I struggle with always praising God in the good and bad. I think it's something most people do struggle with and she set such an example to me with her faith throughout the whole ordeal. If you haven't watched the episode yet, do, and be sure to bring a box of tissues with you; you will cry like a baby.


I'm so incredibly pumped to head out to MY bachelorette party tomorrow. As someone who thought the man God designed for me had been hit by a bus and that I missed my chance to meet him (seriously, I thought this), and someone who's always been out celebrating my friends weddings, now people are going to celebrate mine, and I'm excited. I'm also so grateful that I have good friends who will give up 4 days and drive 9 hours to celebrate with me. I know going so far is a little extravagant, but not one questioned my choice of destination; they all jumped on board and starting planning!

Happy Almost Weekend, friends!!


Note: Since I'm going to SC from Friday until Tuesday, I wont be updating the blog until next Wednesday when I'll do a big ol' bachelorette party re-cap for my Wedding Wednesday :)


  1. Yay! Congrats on the bachelorette party, Ashlee, I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to read about it next week. Also, ditto on the Michelle Dugger thing, although I would never choose to have her lifestyle, the whole family is so faithful that it's inspiring!

    <3 Happy almost-Friday!

  2. Hi Sweetheart! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the compliments. I have named your blog to my "I Do Declare" blog roll!

  3. I just found your cute little blog, and I am loving it - new follower! I can't wait to hear more about your wedding (I'm newly engaged and looking to soak up all the ideas I can). I totally agree with you about Michelle Duggar. I can't agree with every single thing they do, but their faith is so evident and inspiring.


  4. have fun at your bachlorette party!! and I love your engagement pic from the other day. so cute! and I am going to do a spray tan before my brother's wedding in may - i'm a little nervous since I've never done it before! Glad you like yours! : )