Monday, July 9, 2012

Welcome to our "Vacation Home"

M and I are still living in a hotel and will be here for a few more weeks (if you're new to the blog, our house flooded 4 days before our wedding).
We are less than thrilled with State Farm as they really don't have it together; but, hatred aside, here's a tour of our current digs- the Residence Inn. This hotel, unlike State Farm, is amazing and I am SO pleased with it!!
We will be keeping everyone up to date as our house gets reparied (We are changing up everything and going with a costal cottage theme), but in the mean time, welcome to our little vacation home! Ha!

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  1. Its an adorable little apartment - about the size of where we live in Hoboken. Hopefully your house will be fixed ASAP and you guys can get home and get adjusted to married life!

  2. We were saying how this same space in NYC would cost a fortune and be considered a great size!! You definitely get spolied when you live in the 'burbs :)