Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Travel Tip Tuesday....Great Airport :)

Even though I'm a total Nervous Nancy when flying, I really do LOVE how we can get from point A to B SO fast. I also love that for most trips, it's actually CHEAPER for us to get there by air than by car. When you are travelling solo or with one other person to destinations over 8 hours away, you can really save some major green buy flying the friendly skies! Example: You can fly to FL for under $200 per person. If we loaded up the car and drove the 12 hours there and back, we'd spend MORE on gas and food than we would by flying.


I always try to fly non-stop, but when I have a layover someplace, I always try to choose my favorite airport, Dallas Fort-Worth aka DFW. I really do LOVE this airport for several reasons and I think that once you've been there, you'll love it too!!

Airport Map :)

Here's why I always say "Yes" to a flight that has a DFW layover:

1. It is ran SUPER efficiently. Everything from the trams to flights seems to run like a well-oiled machine. It's truly something unreal.

2. Their Customs department is AMAZING! I have never seen a customs area move so quickly and be more organized than my time in customs at DFW. You get in and get out in no time without having to wait in crazy long lines. There's no question as to where you need to go next (if you've never been through Customs it's a process with several stops) because it is all set up so well. The workers are even super friendly which makes everything more pleasant. I swear, the agents in Miami don't even smile, but in Dallas you get that friendly southern, "Hello!"

3. They are a pro-healthy eating airport! They have lots of healthy options and the trams even have maps in them showing you where each healthy place is located. There's nothing worse than eating nasty airport quality bad for you food and then getting on a plane with recycled air. At least in Dallas, you can easily find a healthy refreshing alternative easily :)

4. They have AWESOME chairs. Okay, so this may sound silly, but we all know how miserable sitting in those airport chairs can be. DFW has lounger chairs as well as chairs that come equipped with footrests and drink holder. Amaze!

The next time you have to have a layover, I highly recommend choosing DFW as your airport!!

Happy Flying and Layover enjoying :)

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  1. Never been to Dallas but its on my to-do list! I believe its that airport that advertises it has karaoke at the gates? I could be wrong but it would be fun!