Saturday, July 21, 2012

See this crazy long hair....

Wearing my $15 dress steal from Marshalls on our honeymoon :)

I am about to cut it off.......maybe. I have a hair appointment on Monday (a gift from the girl who did my hair for the wedding. How sweet is she?!)  and I'm 95% sure I'm going to cut off 10 inches and donate it to Locks for Love. If you're not familiar with this amazing organization here's what they do: they take donations for hair, 10 inches or longer, and make wigs out of your hair to give to children undergoing chemotherapy and have lost their hair. Amazing, right?!
When I began growing my hair,  I always knew that when I decided to cut it, that I was going to donate it- I just wasn't sure when I was going to cut it. Well, my hair has been giving me FITS the past few weeks and I decided it was time to make the big cut! I made my appointment with Amanda for Monday morning, and while most moments I'm totally ready to see it go, other moments I think I may end up going for a little trim instead. Since the hair is SO long now, I should be left with a decent length, and as long as I still have a good length to work with, I'm good- I think?! Ha!

I guess we will find out on Monday night what I decided to do.........Stay tuned and be sure to 'like' The Pink Pineapple Blog on Facebook to see pictures :)


  1. I did locks of love once. It is so amazing! My hair has not gotten long enough since to do it again.

  2. I can't wait to see what you do! Also, I stopped by to like your Facebook page!

  3. Chop it!! You'll love it. Plus, you can pull off any length!

  4. Good for you for donating. I wanted to do that but I didn't quite have enough. I definitely did the post wedding chop on our honeymoon though :)