Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thrifty Thursday....Why I LOVE Outlets

It's no secret that I'm a fan of shopping at outlets. In fact, I'd say most of you are fans of shopping in them as well. Who doesn't love saving big bucks on items?!
Well, what's better than outlet shopping? Outlet clearance shopping!! M and I hit up the outlets recently and I got a CRAZY deal at JCrew! I'm so excited about it, that I just had to show y'all what I got for a whopping $40.

Dress, Top, Headband, and Beach Hat from J Crew :)

 Here's how I got them for so cheap:
1) They are outlet items so already cheaper.
2) They were in the clearance section at the store-where I ALWAYS head first, even when shopping outlets
3) They were on SALE in the clearance section for 50% off the already clearance price.

Here's a little secret that I have learned about outlets, and most stores, really. They begin clearancing out items right in the peak of the season. Summer items go on super clearance mid-July and Winter go on clearance in early January. I don't shop for clothes too often in Spring and Fall because I tend to just add layers to items I already have, so I can't say from experience what months those items get clearanced out. Regardless, outlets always provide awesome deals if you know how to shop smart. My motto is: NEVER pay full price for anything, even when it's in the outlets :) So, hit up those sale racks and save yourself some green!!

Happy Outlet Shopping,


  1. Awesome! I love outlet shopping too. Sadly we don't really have any here :(

  2. I just discovered your blog on last month's weddingbee share-your-blogs (as a fellow blogger, I love those posts!) and I love the different tips you have! I'm excited to start following! I LOVE outlet shopping--I'm a huge bargain shopper, and I agree that I never buy anything full-price: sales on top of sales are the best, aren't they? Yay! Love the pattern on that top, too!