Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Travel Tip Tuesday.....Travel Insurance

We were busy picking out items for our new kitchen yesterday, so I forgot to post. Whoops! However we did find an AMAZING place to get top of the line appliances for super cheap (we saved over $2,000) and will share about that soon! On the house front, we are FINALLY able to get started on the repairs- it only took State Farm 45 days to get their act together (I'm not bitter or anything. ha!). We have picked out almost everything for the house- Holy Overwhelming, (but in a good way) and are SO excited to see it all once it's complete!

Now, onto the trip insurance. I HIGHLY recommend getting trip insurance for any "big" trips you are taking. As we learned on our honeymoon, having it is SO important, especially when something goes wrong i.e. losing a wedding band in the ocean.

Now, you have to make sure to really look into the details of the insurance before purchasing because a lot of them don't cover exactly what you need/are looking for. i.e. If you're cruising you want a plan that is going to cover "tours", if going to Mexico during hurricane season, a plan that has good evacuation coverage, and a trip that requires several flights, a plan that covers good flight/baggage delays.
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In my opinion, the BEST place to go for your travel insurance is This site compares several different travel insurance companies and allows you to compare plans to decide what's best for you. I always buy my travel insurance via this website and do not buy my insurance that say Delta Airlines suggest I use, or Sandals, or Carnival Cruise lines, etc. I have found that those plans are MORE expensive and cover LESS than plans I can buy through other companies. Why I like Squaremouth so much is that it does all of the comparison shopping for me and it is super easy to use!! Definitely try it out for your next trip and if you have any more questions about picking your trip insurance, just let me know :)


  1. Oh, Ashlee, thank you for the great tip! I never thought abt getting a travel insurance, but you definitely made me reconsider that!!!

  2. It's certainly important to be properly insured when travelling, especially if you're making frequent trips abroad throughout the year. You may regard it as an added expense or a luxury but if you're ever in need of it, you're sure glad it is there.

    David from