Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Super Easy July 4th Taco Dip

Happy 4th of July :) In case you are still looking for something to make for your holiday event, here's a super quick, and easy taco dip that was a hit at the party I took it to!

-lean ground beef
-1 packet of taco seasoning
-1 tub of light sour cream
-1 packet of Hidden Valley Fiesta Dip mix
-shredded lettuce
-shredded cheese
-black olives

In skillet, brown your ground beef, then drain and rinse
Add packet of taco seasoning and water (follow directions on packet for how much water to add)
Let simmer
In separate bowl, mix the sour cream and Fiesta dip mix together

Now you're ready to assemble:
In an 11x13 pan, add beef mix to bottom layer
Top with shredded cheese
Top with sour cream layer
Repeat process for a few layers until you reach top of pan
Cover entire top of cake with shredded lettuce
Top shredded lettuce with cheese
For stripes, add cherry tomatoes
For stars, add black olives
Add tortilla chips around the edge of your "flag"

Serve! Although you may have to be the first to dive in- I had to at my party because no one wanted to mess it up! Ha :)

Happy Flag Dip Making,


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