Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday....The Cake!

We FIANLLY booked our "cake lady" a few weeks ago after searching for the "perfect" person for several months. We have some Uh-mazing bakeries in Lex so we had lots of options to choose from for our beloved cake which made the choice kind of hard.  I L-O-V-E cake, so having both a beautiful and amazing tasting cake was a MUST. I have a few favorite local bakeries that I use as my go-to's for ordering cakes for friend's brithdays, showers, etc., but when looking at the prices for wedding cakes, I almost fell over. Starting at $4 a slice?! Really?! Okay, so maybe I understand a little. After taking cake class last year and learning the basics of being a cake decorator, I learned that a whole stinkin' lot goes into making and then decorating a cake. So I do understand. Somewhat. But when you're planning a reception for around 300, and you multiply that by 4+ dollars a slice, you want to cringe. So, I set out on my journey to find a deeeelish cake that wasnt going to make me puke when I saw how much it was going to cost. We found her, and holy cake amazement does her cake taste SO good!
Since I work in the smaller town that's adjacent to our's, I figured someone at school would know someone great. Here's the thing about Nicholasville, it's like one big small town full of lots of people who can cook some pretty amazing food. Whenever we've ever had anything catered in our building, it comes from someone "local" and its always delish. So, I began asking around at school who I should use.I kept getting the same response, Gourmet Goodies. I then emailed a childhood friend of mine who was married last year asking her where her cake was from since I remember it tasting so wonderfully? Gourmet Goodies. I knew then that this place was a definite contender in our great cake search. After sampling cakes at two separate bridal shows we had our cake choice narrowed down to about 3 bakeries, Martines, The Sugar Forest, and Gourmet Goodies. We planned a meeting with Thelma at GG on MLK Day and after sampling her cakes, and seeing her portfolio, we were sold. In fact, after seeing M having trouble STOP eating the samples, I knew she was "the one" He doesn't even like cake (he wants donuts for his grooms cake) and he kept eating and eating and eating. He looked at me and said, "This is the best cake I've ever had. Sorry, I ate all of your samples, too." Haha :) He was cute
We havent decided what our final cake will look like, but I'm pretty sure we are going with a 5-tiered round. I'm really loving the new rose tip and ruffle trend on a lot of cakes, so we are thinking of going with something like that. I also love the idea of having a very grand cake, so we are thinking of having flowers in between each layer to add some "grandness" to it.  Here are a few that I'm loving:

Love how elegant!!

We're thinking of having a few layers similar to the bottom layer of this one!

Who knows what our actual cake will end up looking like. Probably a combination of the above pictures,but I still have a few months to change my mind! ha :) We do have a fun and personalized idea for our cake topper. We haven't decided if it's a "for sure" or not, but I'm excited about it! I'll save that as a surprise for the actual day- and if I've already told you what we are thinking, don't tell!! One thing is for sure. Our cake is going to be super yum, so wedding guests, be sure to indulge in it's goodness at the reception!!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up! So glad you found your cake lady! I'm loving all the cakes - loving how grand and elegant the flowers look between the layers!