Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wedding Wednesday....On A Thursday....Save The Dates

Totally forgot to post yesterday. Whoops! Buuuuut today happens to be exactly 100 days from our wedding(YAY1!), so that makes up for the late post, right?! ha :)

We FINALLY (better late than never) got the STDs in the mail (well except for a handful of them that we are still locating address for). I really like the final result, and they were definitely budget friendly. We originally toyed with the idea of doing a scratch off or photo strip STD, but we decided that we wanted something that people would actually use and not just read then throw away. i.e. your wedding invite which is why I refused to drop big bucks on mine. We decided we'd go with what a lot of other's have done and do a magnet. I still have every STD wedding magnet that was given to me out in my garage on my wine/overflow items fridge. It's so fun to look at them and remember that particular friend's wedding and the good memories that went along with it. It's also great b/c I use them to hold little notes and such that either my students  have given to me or to hold a picture drawn for me by a friends' little kid. Of course, a lot of people will probably not keep our magnet for forever, BUT I hope that all of our guests can get some use with theirs.
As mentioned last week, we used the website Save The Date Magic. I liked how affordable their magnets were (ours cost only .50 cents a magnet) and I really liked their design that we chose for ours. We wanted something simple that had both our picture, our wedding website address, and the date. I saw the one we chose on the first page of examples and was sold right then and there that it was going to be our magnet. Probably because said magnet was already in navy and had our exact wedding date. We only had to change the picture, the website information and the font color and we were complete.

By early December, I realized that we really needed to get the magnets sent in and printed. M and I were headed to Cincy one night and were heading to mom and dad's to drop off Gonzaga. Since we were both dressed up and M happened to be in green, I thought we just needed to take the picture then. I couldn't find any plain white paper so I wrote the "Save The Date" part on the back of my flight itinerary from when I went to FL in November. Ha! It totally did the job though :) We snapped a picture and after a few takes, we had the one we were going to use.
We sent in the picture and because it was taken in a btmp form, the designers were having trouble making it print clearly. They were so helpful and finally just printed off the picture in their studio and re-scanned it in so that we wouldn't have to take another picture. Should we have used a real camera? Absolutely. However, the iPhone was all we had at the time and maybe it's just me, but I think the iPhone takes some pretty wonderful pictures when you're out in sunlight :) Anyway, our magnets were printed and shipped very quickly and we are pleased with the quality. I highly recommend that company; they were SO helpful and nice.
To prevent simply sticking a magnet in an envelope, we wanted to mount them to cards with a fun saying. Since I wrote a rhyme to ask my girls to be in the wedding, we thought we'd just continue the tradition by writing a rhyme with each card. It went like this:

Michael Proposed and Ashlee said, "Yes!"
And we'd be honored if you'd be our guest.
Here is a magnet to stick on your 'fridge
The Big Day is coming, June 2nd it is.

We printed the rhyme on white post card sized cards (Purchased from Office Depot) and attached the magnets with sticky tack. Can you tell we are teachers with our sticky tack?! Ha!

Isn't my groom so super handsome?!

Here is the final result once attached the the cards:

Sorry the picture is such poor quality
We promise to get the actual invites out in time!!

The Bride To Be

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