Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday....Great sites to use!

Here are a few websites that we have found to be both great and provide products and services at very affordable prices. We have used each site for various things so far and I've been very pleased with them! If you're engaged and still on the hunt for certain things, definitely check them out:

1. Exclusively Weddings : We used this site for our wedding invites, reception beverage napkins as well as some gifts for my bridesmaids. I love the site for a few reasons.
    1) Their prices are VERY competitive
    2) Their products are extremely high quality. Our invites are super nice and literally costs us $1 per invite after we used their 20% off coupon code. They are printed on sturdy card stock, with the raised lettering, and lined envelopes; reception cards, as well as printed envelopes.
   3) They have great customer service. They're very friendly, are more than willing to answer any questions, and were quick to send any requested items i.e. invitation samples.

2. Save the Date Magic: This is the company we used to make our save the date magnets (which btw, we STILL havent mailed out.....oops!) They, like Exclusively Weddings provide great products at awesome prices and have very helpful customer service. Within 24 hours of us sending our picture and design in, our magnets were being printed and shipped. They also do wedding invites and such, but we just found ones we liked better from the EW site. However, I'm sure their wedding invites are great as well :)

3.  Honey Fund: Since we already have so many typical registry items (we will be combining 2, 3 bdr houses into 1) we decided we would make a honeymoon registry. We are still having a regular registry with some items on it, but this is our other main registry. We have picked out several things that we'd like to do at our resort and people have the chance to purchase them for us. This way, while on our honeymoon we can say "This snorkeling trip was our gift from Mr. and Mrs. Smith!" We will be able to take a picture to send to each guest showing them us enjoying their gift once we return. It's just a fun way for us to add lots of perks to our honeymoon! I researched several sites, and this one seemed to be the best all around. For a regular registry, it's free, and an upgraded one cost around $30, but is a one time fee and allows you to make your site a little more "fun" We opted for the upgraded one since it's one of our major registries and are very pleased with the result. Here's ours if you're wanting to see an upgraded one: CooperKinneyWedding

4. The Knot: The Knot is FULL of tons of ideas, vendor recs, links to registries, etc. I originally learned of this site in college when I was a bridesmaid and it provided me with some great tips to use when I was a MOH for the first time. If you're engaged, I'd say its a MUST visit site, simply because it's FULL of ideas! We used their free webpage creation to act as our wedding webpage. We have everything on there and our guests will RSVP directly to the site. We are using the free version and are very pleased with it! Here's our webpage if you're interested in seeing it. KinneyandCooper

Of course, Pinterest and Etsy are also wonderful sites as well!! I've found TONS of ideas on there!!!

If you have any suggestions of great sites, let me know!!!

The Bride To Be

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