Sunday, February 12, 2012

Scrumptious Sunday...Pinterest Crockpot Chicken

Let's face it. We pin tons of yummy looking recipes to our Pinterest boards and what do they do? They sit there. On our boards, and we never do anything with them. I am SO guilty of doing this, so I've been making an effort to begin cooking some of these tasty looking recipes to see if they live up to their hype ;)

For our Mexican Monday a few weeks ago (we are super cheesy and eat Mexican on Mondays then watch the Bachelor), I decided to make my first recipe, Crock Pot Chicken Tacos. One of the reasons I like this is that it has the word Crock Pot in it. ha! During the school year I am all about ease of cooking when it comes to dinner. It's usually just the two of us and and we both find it silly to spend hours in the kitchen cooking after we've spent hours during the day educating the youth of America. From time to time I will make a big ol' meal, but most of the time, it's something that can be cooked in 30 min or less. This recipe didn't disappoint and it literally took me 5 min in the morning to prepare. Double love.

-Boneless skinless chicken breast (I used Harvestland Organic Chicken)
-fresh salsa- not the kind you find in the chip section but the cold deli type (used Aldi brand and it was delish..we had already eaten 1/4 of it with chips in the week prior, so I dumped in what was left)
-1 packet of taco seasoning  (used Aldi brand)

-Dump frozen chicken breast into crock pot (I added 3 or 4 big pieces, and had sauce enough for at least 2 more)
-Dump container of salsa into crock pot
-Pour one packet of taco powder on top

Set on low and let cook for 7-9 hours. Ours cooked for 9 hours simply because of working all day, but I'd imagine it was done before that?!

-Remove chicken from crock pot and pull apart with a fork
If desired, pour remaining salsa mix from crock pot on the chicken as the sauce.
-We paired ours with Gorditia shells (again, from Aldi) and I really liked using them vs simple tortillas. They're a tad higher in calories, but have a great flavor!

The chicken was SO juicy and FULL of flavor! I ate on it for lunch for  several days after we ate dinner. At work, I simply ate the chicken straight and paired it with a cheese stick. Ha! Talk about a protein packed meal, but again it was super delish simply eating it alone! The best part is, its low fat AND the tomatoes from the salsa add lots of healthy vitamins and such! We are thinking of doing the same thing with buffalo sauce and dry ranch for wrappers on day; if it works well, I'll let you know!

Happy Crock-pot Chickening,

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  1. I absolutely LOVE crockpot recipes! I needed some new ones, so thanks for adding this one to our rotation! have a happy Valentine's day! xoxo {av}