Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wedding Wednesday.....The Colors

I'm a day late in posting. Whoops!!

Picking your wedding colors is a pretty big deal. Your entire wedding revolves around these colors, so you want to pick something that you not only love, but that will look good in pictures, on your bridal party, etc.

For us, we knew one color that we wanted was green. Green is both of our favorite colors, it was one of my sorority colors, and KY in the spring is very, well, green and super pretty on top of that. I've always known I would have green as part of my wedding, but that was about it. So, when it came to picking our other colors we had some decisions to make. Initally we both decided we would go with black as our 2nd color. Black is classic, it goes with everything and it coorelates well with green. However, we I started to look at things for the actual wedding, I just wasn't loving it. It just didnt seem to fit our early June, southern charmed filled wedding, so I began to think about another option. I didnt want to do pink with it because another friend of ours had just done a pink and green wedding and I didnt want to sacrifice  using our favorite color in our wedding by picking an enitrely different color scheme sans green.

Then, one afternoon, while shopping at Target with my mom, it hit me. Navy. We totally pulled an HGTV move and went into the towel section to see what colors we liked. You know on their shows when they find inspiration pieces and then decorate a room around it?! Well I did that, with towels. ha! We began layering bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes on top of one another to see what we liked. People were probably looking at us like we were crazy, but we didnt care; we were finding our "inspiration" pieces. After placing the navy with the green I knew I loved it. I immeadeatly texted M and said, "What about green and navy?" He replied that he really liked it. Sold. Perfect. Mom and I sat there for a few more moments adding in some other colors to find our accent colors and we decided upon champagne and pink. Together, the combonation just seems so spring (altough most people consider June as summer) and southern.

The Matrons of Honor will be in navy dresses (all the same from Ann Taylor) with green jewelery and the groomsmen will be in navy suits with green and navy bow ties. The Honorary Bridesmaids will be in champagne colored dresses (any dress they choose) and the ushers in tan suits with green and navy bow ties that match the groomsmen. The pops of pink will appear in some of the flowers and the champagne will continue into the reception serving as the base color for the table cloths. We don't have all of the details of the reception worked out yet, but I do know I'm having navy napkins and will accent with green on the table (possibly with apples, limes, or pears). I really am loving our overall color scheme and cannot wait to see how it all comes together on our big day! Here's a few inspiration boards I've been looking at to gather ideas:

loving the pops of pink

Love the navy sash and the apple escort cards!
The striped tie below is perfect for the fellas!!

LOVE those navy shoes! Not sure if I want my girls carrying all green flowers, white, or a combo? Thoughts?!

In other wedding news, M and I took a much needed "wedding free" date the other night. It was SO nice to get fixed up, go on a hot date (which consisted of Bella Note and some Dillards Clearance shopping-he knows the way to my heart), and not worry about inviations, DJ's, make-up people etc. I was dealing with some pretty crazy wedding stress last week and just needed a break from all of the planning. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with this whole process and I had pretty much reached that point after some pretty frustrating calls with some potential vendors. We took the entire weekend off from planning and it was just so nice to re-connect and enjoy each other without wedding decisions coming into play. I highly encourage any engaged couple out there to do this, epseically when the planning starts getting stressful! Although I'm still having crazy wedding dreams on a weekly basis (last night it was the church booked 5 other weddings for the same day as ours and  my hair feel down before I walked down the aisle) I feel much more relaxed about things this week :)
                                             The Bride to Be :)


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  2. It sounds like you're getting a ton of planning done! I absolutely love green and navy together! It's going to be gorgeous!

  3. Thanks for visiting :) We are super excited about how the colors are going to look once everything comes together!!