Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday....The Honeymoon Plans :)

It really hit me last week that I am getting married. Whether it was meeting with the photographer, narrowing down our invitation choices, attending the bridal show, or hitting up the VS big semi-annual sale to buy things for our honeymoon, it hit me. I'm getting married. Soon. and I am SO excited! Speaking of the honeymoon, here's our plans:
I always swore I would never go to Sandals for my honeymoon. It was just so "what everyone does" and I was going someplace unique and unheard of. And where are we going? Sandals. Ha! Funny how things change.
After our trip to Mexico, we knew we wanted two things for our honeymoon. 1. Adult Only and 2. A place that caters to Americans. Our resort in Mexico, while beautiful, was none of the above. There was a Secrets Resort next door to our's, and after sneaking over there and seeing what we were missing, we knew for our honeymoon we wanted something totally geared towards couples and in particular, honeymooners.
Now, my ultimate dream vacay is to go to Greece. We tossed around the idea of going, but then realized that we are going to be exhausted after our wedding and we want to go someplace to truly relax. We don't want to have to plan anything, and if we did a Greece trip we would be on the go. Alot. So, we're saving that one for an anniversary trip.
Secondly, we looked at going to Alaska. Yes, Alaska. When I told people about this they about died. Me, biggest beach lover in the world was going to Alaska for my honeymoon. It was true, I wanted to, and still do want to visit Alaska. But, we realized that like with Greece, we'd be on the go a lot sightseeing and such so we decided to post-pone that trip as well.
Thirdly, we wanted to go to Tahiti/Bora Bora. We were seriously looking into this one. I was working with travel agents, etc and then we realized that with our budget, we'd only be able to go for 5-7 nights and stay in those beloved over water bungalows. While that is a decent amount of time, we just feel that if we are going allllll that way, we wanted to be able to stay longer. So Tahiti will have to wait for another time :)

That left us with our final choice....the Caribbean. We could get there without having to be on a plane for hours at a time, we could relax without feeling like we were missing tons and tons by not sightseeing 8 hours a day, and the water is simply amazing! We began looking at resorts and different islands and we kept coming back to the one resort I said I'd never do. Sandals. We didn't want to go to Jamaica, St. Lucia or the Dominican Republic because it seems like that's where EVERYONE goes. And while those are all gorgeous locations, we wanted someplace different and we wanted to stick with a big name resort to insure we knew exactly what we'd be getting. After hearing about Sandals Grande Antigua being voted "the most romantic resort" in the Sandals chain, we began seriously considering it. After talking to several friends who had honeymooned with Sandals, we were sold. Not one person said anything bad about it and every person said it was a trip of a lifetime. While none of my friends had been to Sandals in Antigua; they had been to several other in the Sandals chain and no matter the resort, the reviews were great. We hopped on the webiste, saw they were having a huge sale and booked our room. We are staying for 10 days and while we aren't in the super deluxe butler suites, we are excited to spend 10 days in paradise! Thanks to other great advice from our married friends we decided that we aren't leaving until Tuesday after our wedding so we don't feel rushed and can enjoy our friends and family being in town. We are even stopping in South Beach for a night on the way home to re-visit the first beach we first enjoyed as a couple :) I cant wait to share the honeymoon fun after we return as Mr and Mrs! Be sure to check back in June for the post!

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  1. 10 days is perfect! Long enough for a vacation, not long enough that you're sick of being there! It looks beautiful from the photos, so I cannot wait to hear about your trip! YAY!

  2. Congratulations!! :)

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    Greetings from Finland