Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday....The Dress!!!!

I found my dress very quickly and easily- alot quicker and easier than I thought. I bought it 3 days after being engaged and at the second store I went into. It was probably the 10th or so dress I tried on and I just knew that it was, "the one." No, I'm not showing you THE dress (only a few people have seen it), but I will show you one I almost purchased and other dresses that I LOVE!

Because I'm getting married in a church and a pretty large, old, very open scantuary church, I felt that I needed something "grand" to match the grand scale of the sanctuary. Would I wear my dress if I were getting married outside or in a non-church type setting? Probably not- I think more fitted, lace type dresses are perfect for outdoor venues; and although I love them and tried on a few, they just weren't right for MY day and the setting of our wedding. Here is one lace dress that I absolutely LOVE

love the back of this dress!
LOVE the back!

When I got to the bridal store, I knew what I liked (based on pictures) and what I thought was going to look good on me. If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed that I kept pinning a lot of dresses like this: gorg'!! and this LOVE the dress!!! 

I just LOVE the grand scale of the skirts and I think they look so elegant and classy. However, I've watched enough epsoides of "Say Yes To The Dress" to know that you should try on ALL styles of gowns because you may just fall in love with a style of dress that you always thought you didnt like and/or wouldnt look good on you. I confessed that I tried on one dress before I was engaged. It was this dress and I loved it!  It was very simple, yet elegant and was super comfy! It reminds me of  Amsale gowns which I absolutely ADORE but are definitely out of budget!!! Because I tried this dress on at Davids Bridal, I decided to make DB my first stop. I was very anti Davids Bridal at first, but because they have SO many dresses, I wanted to start my official search there. I had my mom, Memaw (it was Memaw's first ever time wedding dress shopping), flower girl, and one of my MOH's with me. I tired on about 8 or so gowns and loved seeing all the different styles. I was very surprised at how some styles that I thought would look terrible, didnt. And to my surprise, I fell in love with a dress from their Vera Wang collection. I never thought I'd like the drop waist style or that it would look good with my big ol' Beyonce booty, but it is a very flattering dress and looked very elegant and modern when on.

I really did love the dress, the fit, everything, espeically the fun skirt, but after realizing how much I loved the ball gown style, I wanted to find something that was a mix of the 1st and 2nd dress. DB didnt have anything like what I was envisioning in my head so we opted to keep searching.
My friend Lauren is consultant at Wedding Wonderland, so mom and I made an appt to go there the next day in hopes that they had what I was searching for. I went home looking for pictures of what I was envisioning and found this:
It's Monique Lhuillier and the perfect combo of what I wanted. Elgent and classy, yet fun and modern with the fun skirt. However, it came with a heafty price tag; somewhere around $15,000. Oh. My. Word.
I showed Lauren what I wanted and she suggested that I try on the dress that is now MY dress. I put it on and I didnt want to take it off. It was so me and just so perfect for our big day. I went on to try on a few more dresses just to make sure that it was 'the one' and after trying on the others, I kept going back to my dress. I liked it better than the one I loved at DB, it was super comfy and light, and I liked the price a whole lot better than the ML one.I knew then, that I had found THE dress and we purchased it right then and there. It should be coming in soon and I cannot wait to try it on and take it home with me! I may just have to wear it around the house a time or two? Is that weird?! Ha!

The Bride to Be

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