Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Today, I'm linking up with Lovely Indeed for Thursday Thoughts

My thoughts for the day:


I just ate a Lean Pocket and am reminded at my LOVE for them, especially the pizza flavor. They're only 220 calories, too!

It really hit me last night that I am getting married. I was at the mall and went into VS for their big sale and realized that now, instead of always going in and buying fun sexy stuff for my friend's lingerie shower's, I can start buying it for myself- well actually for M, but you get the picture ;)

Speaking of M. I don't refer to him as M because I'm trying to be cryptic or anything, It's because when we started dating, he was mentioned in a lot of my texts..... typing out Michael a billion times a day became too long, so I just shortened it to M. Soon, everyone kept referring to him as that in texts and emails to me, so it just stuck. I don't think I've ever really told anyone the reason behind the name, so there ya go!


I was thinking last night, "Man it is SO warm out!" It was only 40 degrees. That's what days (okay so its only been 3 days) of frigid temps will do to you! I hate cold weather. Period.

The Bachelor came back on this week. Hellllooooo Drama-o-rama! It's still very early on, but I'm liking the girl from TN and the girl who rode in on a horse.

I'm starting Barre Amped next week. I'm doing the boot camp classes and I'm pumped and nervous at the same time. I am awesome at cardio, but awful at strength training. My legs have muscle and well, that's about it. Let's hope these flabby arms are gone by June 2nd!!

What are you thinking about today?

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  1. Apparently everybody is in love with the Bachelor, but I can never figure out why people are so in love with whoever the Bachelor/Bachelorette is after a week of knowing them...I mean, the people the show picks as the Bachelor or Bachelorette, sure they're great, but then the contestants don't know who they're trying to get until they step out of the limo! So sketchy.

    I will, however, watch Dance Moms (the most horrible reality trash TV show ever) until the cows come home.

    Thanks for linking up!