Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun Friday Finds!

I thought I posted this on Friday, but I guess I forgot to hit 'post' Whoops! So here it is, 2 days late :)

We had our first snow day today and what makes miserable, cold weather better?! Well besides an extra day to the weekend....Fabulous finds!! Here are some great finds that I have found this week:

1. Rent the Runway. This website allows you to rent high end clothing, accessories. and such for wayyyy less than you'd spend if you purchased the items in the store. I think its an awesome site for events where you just need a new dress for the night such as parties, weddings, professional family photos, etc. I am definitely guilty of buying a new item of clothing for an event and not wearing it again afterwards, so I'm LOVING me some Rent the Runway! Here's a link if you'd like to join: Rent the Runway

2. Perfectly Preppy Resale on fb. This is a page/group on fb that allows you either to A) Buy either new or gently used Lilly, J Crew, Coach type clothes or B) sell your items to others. I just found it this week and there are some ridiculous cute clothing pieces on there for fab prices! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lilly Pulitzer, but I definitely cant afford to pay its retail price on my teacher's salary. M told me I could buy a new one for our rehearsal dinner, but my rule is that any other Lilly items MUST be bought on sale!  New items are constantly being updated on PPR, so be sure to 'like' the site and get yourself some great deals!

3. was introduced to me last week. It's an invitation only site that allows you to get 'fab' items for discounted prices! There are all sorts of items on there (mostly fashion related) and some items are even 70% off of retail pricing! Here's the link to request to join:

Happy Deal Finding,

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