Saturday, March 12, 2011

Give and Get

Note: I am not a shopaholic. In fact, I am quite proud to announce that I have not purchased a clothing or shoe item for myself since 2010. I know I blog a lot about great deals, so some may think I shop a lot or too much. I really don't. Promise. Ok, read on.....

If you're a teacher, you need to sign up for this website...
It sends you emails (usually 2 to 3 a month) about discounts companies are offering teachers. This week, I received an offer for the Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy Give and Get program. This is a wonderful program where as you get 30% your entire purchase (sale prices included) AND Gap will then donate 5% of your purchase price to your chosen charity. Pretty neat, right?! There are several charites to choose from, including Habitat for Humanity, Juvenille Diabetes and Teach for America. Just think how much money can be donated to these charities if tons of people participated. Lots and lots.

The dates for the program start next weekend, March 17th-20th and can be used at all Gap stores INCLUDING outlets!! They ran the same program last year and I was able to score some major dicounts at the Banana Republic Outlet while donating to charity! Double Score! Here is the link to the different stores if you'd like to cash in on the offer. No, you don't have to be a teacher to use the offer. In fact, if you are a Gap cardholder, you may even receive a mailer about it.
However, if you're neither a teacher nor cardholder, here's your invite:

Old Navy:
Banana Republic:

Here's some other fun shopping discount news! If you are reading this today, Saturday the 12th, Loft is offering an additional 30% off of EVERYTHING in their stores!! They only do this a few times a year and today is the day!! If you cant make it out to the stores and want to shop online, simply enter the code MARSE312 at checkout to get the discount!!

Happy Shopping!!


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