Saturday, March 5, 2011

The 4 S's

There are 4 things that I am simply loving right now: Sniqueaway, Slimware, Spring, and Southern Living

1. is kind of like a Groupon for travel. Every few days there are great hotel deals offered for wonderful hotels across the globe!! Most rates are at least 50% off and new hotel offers appear each day straight to your inbox! It's a free service, but you can only receive these offers if you are a member. Lucky for me, my friend Lyndsey referred me so lucky for YOU, I can refer you :) Here's the link to join!!

2. Slimware is a cool product that helps with knowing just how much of each portion you need on your plate. If you're like me, you never know just how much meat to have or how many starches is too much, etc. These super cute plates have designs on them where as the veggies go in the biggest design, starches in the next, meats in the smallest and healthy fats in the extender area. If I wasn't so blog-impaired I would post a picture, but every time I try to add a picture, it posts it really large at the start of the post. Weird! Anyway here's a link to my favorite ones:
It's such a simple idea, I wish I would have thought of it, don't you?!

3. Spring. I mean after the winter we've had, how can one NOT be pumped for spring?! These past few weeks have had some warm days and holy mercy has it been great!! It's been so wonderful getting to talk walks outside vs the treadmill, drive with the top down, grill out (we've only done this once, but it was so nice) and of course, wear a few of my beloved spring/summery type clothes and shoes!! Speaking of fashion, have you checked out Target's spring collection? They have some super cute dresses and such and of course, at amazing prices!! Spring is such a happy time. Flowers blooming, fun pastel colors everywhere, an approaching week off from teaching, horse racing, patio's re-opening, baseball, march madness basketball....oh I could just go on and on and on.......

And the last one.....

4. Southern Living . Growing up, Southern Living magazine was always in mom's magazine rack. I used to read it from time to time and never thought I'd reach the point where I to, would LOVE this magazine because I always remember thinking it was an old lady magazine...ha ha :) Well, I've had a subscription for the past few months and, call me and old lady, but I LOVE it! There are always several great recipes, and of course, tons of home decorating ideas!! I get excited when my issue shows up in my mailbox each month and I cant wait to apply some of what I've found into my own home!! Here's their link:


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