Thursday, December 15, 2011

Invitation Ornament

I'm doing my first ever "linky party" today, and I'm doing it with
I've never been good at the whole "following" thing on other people's blogs, but recently, thanks to Pinterest, I have found a ton of blogs that are full of cute ideas and I've started to "follow" other blogs like crazy! Who knew so many wonderful ideas were out there?!   I have loved reading all of the crafty goodness from this particular site and was so excited when they were having an ornament linky party. I mentioned in my decorations on a budget post  that I had a cute idea to share, so it works out perfectly for me to share it now!! There are TONS of other ornament ideas on the CSI blog, so be sure to go look at all of the other ideas :)

The Greenwood's invite :)
This is super easy and makes for a wonderful personalized ornament for friends, particularly those who just tied the knot!
You start by purchasing a clear ornament ball from either Michael's (where they are currently 60% off)  or Hobby Lobby. I went with a larger size, since I was filling it with a wedding inviation and those tend to be 5x7.
You then take the invitation and cut it into small strips which is a tad awkward at first because you're like,"Wow, I'm defintitely shredding my friends' invites. Is this wrong?!" ha! I didnt measure when I cut, I just eyed it making sure to include each line in a strip i.e. their names on one, the church on one, etc.

Once you have the strips, roll them around a pin to make them curly
Take all of your curly strips and place them in the globe

Your final step is to re-attach the top, add some ribbon and you're finished! For one ornament, I was able to add the actual ribbon and jewel from the wedding invite, but for the other I simply tied some grey ribbon on the top!
using the ribbon and jewel from invite
My newlywed friends really liked them and I hope you do too!! I think this could also be cute to do for baby shower invitations, birthday milestones, etc. If you'd like for me to make one for you, email me (ash31gifts@hotmail) and I'd be happy to make you one! I'm charging $10 per ornament :)

Happy Ornament Making


  1. I am so excited you linked up to your first ever party. Yay!!! When I first started linking up it took me a while to figure it out. So, congrats. Happy day!!!
    Welcome to the CSI Project!! Come back often!
    Dee, the CSI Girl

  2. I'm glad I figured out how to do it! I'm less than tech savvy :) I'll definitely visit often! So many great ideas!!

  3. These are sooo pretty and meaningful! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share next!