Monday, September 19, 2011

Scrumptious Sunday.....On A Monday

* I try to be a good little blogger and update the blog frequentely, but life is just so stinkin' busy these days, that it's just not possible - so alas, here's what should've been posted yesterday :)

We, meaning M & I are avid consumers of Mexican food. We LOVE it and typically have a Mexican Monday where we dine on  Mexican goodness on Mondays. Lucky for us, there's a new Mexican restaurant within a few miles of my house called Chuy's It is over near Fayette Mall in the building that has been everything under the sun and now, it's Chuy's. It's basically a Joe Crab Shack meets Mexican restaurant. The inside is crazy with tons of wooden fish hanging from the ceiling to a room surrounded by hubcaps. It's definitely a fun, relaxed, don't be afraid to be loud environment, and we were impressed. 
 For starters, their chips are thin, warm and tasty and their creamy jalapeno dip is Uh-mazing!!! I'm a lover of ranch dressing and the combo of ranch with the slight kick of jalapeno is perfect on those thin little salty chips! I ate a bowl of the chicken tortilla soup with a side of guacamole (which is yum!) and M got a burrito. Their portions are HUGE so be prepared to take some home with you! They also serve homemade, fresh margaritas....deeeelish! We enjoyed our meal and their prices were totally affordable; we will definitely be back!!

Happy Mexican Monday,

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