Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Patio furniture re-do!

I had great intentions of blogging all summer long.... really, I did. I would find great deals, websites, bargains, recipes, etc and I kept saying "Oh, that is going on the blog!" And you see how well I did with keeping up with it. Terrible. But alas, here's another post....4 months later! You can thank my broken toe for forcing me to stay home, relax for a few days, and get caught up on things!

We have been getting M's house ready to sell and of course, I jumped at the opportunity to bust out my HGTV Design on a Dime skills and go to work. We have been doing lots of great updates, which I'm excited to share once everything is complete, and the best part is, we are doing it on a small budget! If you know me well, you know how much fun I've been having (Dear HGTV, hire me. Seriously.) M says I'm a bit ridiculous, but he loves me anyway ;)

Here is our $30 Adirondack sofa/table re-do. This was given to Michael by someone in his family and it has simply set on his deck for the past few years. It was nothing much to look at, but I knew it had potential and I LOVE our final product. 

Looking so rough, but with SO much potential

4 cans of spray paint allowed for 2 good coats: These were $3-4 per can from Lowes!                   

We base coated the entire thing- top and bottom, let sit overnight then finished the next day.

We decided to add some bright red accents to jazz it up a little and make it very Cape Cod-esque! We found $5 cushions at Ikea. Make sure you have scissors because they were FULL of tags.
Tag overload, don't you think?!
A quick trip to the Meijer's summer clearance section and we found 2, $7 candy apple red lanterns and we were finished! Here's the final product!

Bad lighting in this pic. It looks SO good in person :)

Coming soon, the matching picnic table :)


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