Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2

Ohhh there are so many things I could say about Bachelor Pad 2.. It's one hot mess of a show, but I cant stop watching. I have M hooked on it as well and it's become our Monday night entertainment. Sick?! Maybe, but it has. Now, it's not all bad- Hello Ames and Jackie.... A-DOR-A-BLE...that limo scene was priceless :) And we cant forget the Mask returning at the end of each, so, funny!!!

But really ABC,the egg tossing things at girls who are thought to be most unattractive?! That was low, even for you.  And ohhhh Viena, Kasey, and Jake....Drama-o-rama!! She's a hot mess and Kasey seems to be right there with her in the crazy department. Why they havent been voted off just yet, beats me! But when I think about it, what will we have to watch each week if they're gone?!
Speaking of Kasey, M can do the most perfect impression of him that will have you crying from laughter. It's amazing- really. Have him do it for you the next time you see him ;)

I could keep going, but now I've not only wasted two Monday nights watching it, I've wasted a Wednesday night blogging about it! Ha!
Enjoy Jimmy Kimmel's skit on what happens when they lose on BP2 ;)

Happy Viewing,

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