Sunday, October 14, 2012

Easy Burlap Wrap Wreath

I've been on Fall Break all's been glorious!!! Since M and I teach in different school districts, we only had one day off at the same time (he only had 2 school days off, one being tomorrow), so we didn't go anywhere. After our CRAZY summer, it was actually really nice to stay home and work on the house. Our back splash goes in this week along with any final painting and then the house will be FINISHED!!! Praise. The. Lord.

Earlier in the week, I posted a picture of an easy to do burlap wrap wreath on the Blog's Facebook Page. It was seriously SO easy and it only took me 15 minutes to complete the whole thing- Best of all: It required no scissors, paint, wire or glue. I am 100% about simplicity in my life. I like things that are fabulous, but fabulous AND easy to create :)

Here's the how to:

grapevine wreath
wooden letter- I chose a pre-painted one from Michael's.
2 yards of burlap, cut into roughly 12 inches width
spool of wide, wire-rimmed ribbon

I used an old wreath and removed the flowers that you see lying beside it

Take the burlap and begin wrapping it around the wreath, tucking the first part inside the grapevine to secure it.
Continue wrapping at around the wreath until you have come full circle. Once, you've come full circle, tuck the excess into more of the grapevine. 2 yards was enough to do this so no cutting was needed, however if you have excess, just trim it away.
Then, take a spool of wire-rimmed ribbon and wrap it around the wreath-again, securing into the grapevine.
Lastly, take the pre-painted letter and use some of the excess string from the burlap to secure it to the wreath.
That's it! So simple and since there's no glue, you can re-do the wreath to make it work for other holidays as well!

Happy Wreath Making


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