Saturday, June 16, 2012

We'reeeee Baaaaack! And Married :)

Hubs and I returned from our honeymoon yesterday afternoon. We had a great time (honeymoon post coming soon), and are now back at M's house for awhile until my house is deemd livable again after the great flood of 4 days before "I Do." The plus side to it all, we are getting a virtually new house on the inside -Helllllooooo my wanna be HGTV side gets to come out in full force! The down side, it's going to be chaotic!

But until then, here a few of the wedding sneaks from our awesome photographer, Nelson Benton. And of course, I can FINALLY reveal "The Dress"!

Life is going to be crazy around here for the next few weeks as we are dealing with the house, living under one roof for the first time, plus having to go to WI next weekend then SC shortly after that for family events (we're trying to see just how much we can put on our plates right now, can you tell?! Ha!). But I promise, full wedding and honeymoon details are coming!

Enjoy the sneaks :)

Not one of Nelson's pics, but I was dying to show our cake!

From our photobooth at the reception :)

XOXO The New Mrs. Kinney :)


  1. OHMYGOSH ASHLEE I LOOOOVE THEM! I cannot wait to see more! Congratulations, sweet girl!

  2. congratulations!! you are a beautiful bride!!

  3. love them! your dress is gorgeous!!

  4. How beautiful. You are stunning. I'm happy for the both of you and I wish you all the blessings life has to offer.

  5. I am sad I had to miss it - your dress is stunning!

  6. Congrats on your wedding! I found you through the Mingle with Us Blog hop and loving your blog so far.
    I also just got married back in March of this year.
    Check me out if you have time!
    Your New Follower

  7. These pictures are beyond gorgeous!!! Your dress was gorgeous! I love the picture at the top and the sparkler pic! So pretty!!!