Thursday, June 21, 2012

A tour of our poor little casa!

I made this video the other day since so many people were asking about the house. I posted it to my fb page and wanted to share it with y'all as well. We are now residents of Marriott's Residence Inn and will remain here until the house is deemed livable again. Since we are selling M's house, it was just too much to try to keep it in sell able condition with all of the extra things that had to be moved in since the flood, plus us living there, plus 2 dogs. So, our insurance agreed to pay for us to stay in a hotel! We have a cute little one bedroom apartment, plus daily maid service, free breakfast & supper, wi-fi, and they'll even do our grocery shopping for us!  Of course, we'd MUCH rather be settled into OUR home as husband and wife, but this will have to do now.

I'd be lying if I said this was all a ton of fun and we were loving it, but.....we aren't. It's been rough and I've been pretty bummed out all week that we are starting off our married life in such limbo. I mean, I always planned we'd return from our honeymoon, use all of are new stuff, and spend the summer getting settled. Instead, our wedding gifts are still in boxes and bags in my parent's house and we are living in a hotel. I do think I'm going to bring some of our new monogrammed dishes over here so we can at least pretend. Ha!

We are off to Chicago in the morning (and getting to see one of my sorority sisters, yay!), then onto Wisconsin Saturday-Monday for M's cousin's high school graduation.  I've never been to Wisconsin, and I most definitely cant wait to eat cheese there. Seriously-it's on my bucket list "eat cheese in Wisconsin" Ha! Don't judge :)

Here's the house! I pray none of you ever have to deal with this in your own home! It's amazing how much damage water can cause!

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