Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bad Blogger of the Year Award

Bad Blogger of the Year Award......Goes to Me. Sorry for my slack in posting lately. I went back to work this week and our wedding is in less than 3 week. Holy Cow. Needless to say, between that and school ending in 2 weeks, my life is a hot mess of CRAZY! Just to give you a sneak into the craziness here's what my office, M's future man room, currently looks like:
Honeymoon Takeover!
It looks like Victoria's Secret exploded in my office. But that room is about how my brain feels right now, crazy. I woke up at 6:30 Saturday morning and couldn't go back to sleep because I started thinking of everything left to do.  I took benadryl last night so I would actually sleep and not wake up freaking over things that need to be done! Shew-we, I was NOT prepared for all of the last minute stress of a wedding. We are counting down the days until our honeymoon, so we can simply RELAX and enjoy being husband and wife without all of the wedding stress :) 21 days until we leave!! SO SO pumped!

In other news, my nose is healing SO well!! I had my stitches out on Monday morning and then went into school- my nose was crazy red all day Monday, but it has gotten better each day! It's still a little swollen and tender and I can still feel a lot of tension when doing things like putting on make-up and such, but it looks remarkably well! It is truly a blessing from God :)
Here's a pic from Tuesday morning:
Holy close-up! Sorry so scary :)

I PROMISE to get my shower pictures on here soon! I cant wait to share those plus, all about the wedding invites and such- I have gotten TONS of compliments on them and they were a STEAL of a price!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you bloggy mamma's :)


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  1. that certainly is a lot going on!!! yeah for lots of things though to take on a honeymoon!!! ; )