Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hottie Hotels

3 months later and I FINALLY update the blog. Once again, I'm sorry. I really thought I'd be a super, wonderful, I update everyday type blogger, but I've proven myself otherwise. Case in point, the date of the previous blog and the fact that my blog is still oh so basic with its design... I really am going to try to do better...promise. is my bff for hotels. If you've never experienced Hotwire, I advise you to. now.
I have booked 4 different hotels over the past few months and the money I have saved by doing so is fantastic. If you are unfamiliar with the site, it is where you can book several different forms of travel (hotels, cars, cruises, flights, etc) at discount prices. The only catch is that with hotels, you do not know the name or the exact address of the hotel until AFTER you book.

However, you ARE able to pick the location (ex. Disney World area, downtown Louisville, Ashley River area in Charleston, etc). Secondly, you are told the star rating for the hotel and provided a guide for what hotel chains typically fall under each star rating. I typically stay at a 3 star or above hotel just because I am kind of picky about being in nice hotels, but I did do a 2-star once and ended up at a very nice LaQuinta Inn. The BEST thing about this site is the crazy, fantastic, prices you get. In August, we stayed in a $160 dollar a night, 4.5 star hotel room for less than $100. Over New Year's, we will be staying in a 3-star hotel at Disney World for only $57 a night! Fabulous, I know.

I personally feel that you cannot go wrong by using Hotwire. I seriously cannot tell you the last time I paid over $100 for a hotel room and the thought of that is pure bliss to my mind. Using this site makes quick weekend trips oh so affordable as well as week-long vacays... 3-star hotels for less than $60 a night?! Yes, please. Every weekend :)


P.S. Hotwire is also great for car rentals, but I will hit on that in another post :)

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